Q & A

Resistration of the presentation

QHow can I register for annual meeting 's presentation?


There are 2 types of presentation in this annual meeting. Choose which presentation you want to register. Qualification for apply and registration of each type are shown bellow.

1) AP Presentation
Speaker : Must be a member of CSJ. Speaker can register for several presentations.
Collaborator : No conditions
Registrant : Must be a member of CSJ. Registrant can only register for one presentation.

2) ATP Presentation
No conditions

QI'm not a member of CSJ. Can I register for the presentation?


No, you can't. Registrant and speaker of the AP Presentation, including Oral A and Oral B Presentation, and Poster Presentation, must be a member of CSJ at the point of registration. If you subscribe for membership from the web, Pre-registering No., which starts with ME, will be sent to you by e-mail. You can use that No. for registration.

* You are not allowed to use one Member No. with other people in the laboratory. Please get your own Member No.

QNothing happened after clicking links or buttons.


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QI can't receive any emails after applying for registration.


The mail might be saved in a folder for junk mail, according to the setting of the mailer. Check the junk mail folder and change the settings.
* If you use a Gmail account, add "nenkai@nenkai3.csj.jp" to your Contacts list.

QI can't use an mail address which start with a number or a symbol.


We will send you important mail when you complete application and when we inform your presentation No..
If you have registered a mail address which start with a number or a symbol - like "000@yyy.zz" provided from your university -, try following action.

・Start with a alphabet.

* You might be able to change your default mail address provided from your university. Ask your university whether you can change it or not.

QCan I share the e-mail address that I used to apply with other people?


No, you can't. Please use your own address. The address you used for application will be used as the User ID for your meeting's MYPAGE. You can not use the same address again to make another application or registration. We recommend to set CC e-mail address for the people like following

  • Student who want to share information with laboratory's professors.
  • Secretary who want to share information with the representative of the office.
QI can't find errors.


If you have more than one error, an message -The input information is incorrect.- will appear on the top of page. To get the detail information about errors, scroll down to the target input and check red error message.

QHow can I enter superscript or italic charcters?


If you want to enter superscript, subscript, or italic characters in your title, outline, or keywords, enter like bellow.
A) Superscript
B) Subscript
C) Italic characters

ex) If you want to enter "CO2," enter "CO<SUB>2</SUB>."

QI want to know the allowed characters.


Check the page bellow.

We ask for your understanding in advance that in some cases characters might garble even if you are using the characters in the list above.

QWhat will keywords be used for?


Keywords you entered will be use as a search key in WEB program and collection of papers (DVD-ROM.) We require your cooperation to make it easier for others to find your presentation.

QHow can I register my middle name?


If you want to register your middle name, enter "your name"+" (space in half-width)"+"middle name "in "First Name."

Name Last Name:TANAKA   FIRST NAME:Tarou Middle name
QHow can I register my maiden name?


If you want to register your maiden name, enter "your present family name"+" -(dash in half-width)"+"maiden name "in "Last Name."

QCan a student make presentation by oneself?


No you can't. As a rule, no application can be made only by a student. You need to add information of other collaborator or the Professor's name of your laboratory.

How will it show in the program if I registered several researchers or institution?


It will show in the order you entered. If you are a student and entering your professor's name as a researcher, be careful with the order you enter.

QDo I need to register the collaborator's Member No. also?


Enter your collaborator's Member No. also. It will be used at "● Presentation as a researcher" in your meeting's MYPAGE.

QIs there any way to share my information of registration for presentation with my professor?


Enter the e-mail addresses (3 at a maximum) of the people who you want to share the information with in "Email Address for CC." All the e-mails sent from Event Organization will be CC'd to the address entered. We recommend to set CC e-mail address for the people like following

  • Student who want to share information with laboratory's professors.
  • Secretary who want to share information with the representative of the office.
QI forgot the Password.


It is mentioned in the e-mail titled "Application Completed." If you can't find the e-mail, confirm from "Password Confirmation Request."

QI want to change my Password.


You can change your Password from meeting's MYPAGE until mid. February.