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Within the CSJ, educational issues are discussed and promoted by the Council of Chemical Education. Established in 1997 with Akio Yamamoto as the first chairman and currently chaired by Haruo Hosoya, the council succeeded the Committee for the Promotion of Chemical Education (1991-96)), the Division of Chemical Education (DCE, 1975-90), and the Committee of Chemical Education (CCE, 1951-74), all of which made significant contributions to the advancement and internationalization of chemical education in Japan under the leadership of, among others, Bun-ichi Tamamushi, Nozomu Yamaoka, Osamu Shimamura, Michinori Oki, John T. Shimozawa, Kenzi Tamaru, Yoshito Takeuchi, and Takashi Ito.
The CCE organized the Chemical Education Symposia annually from 1951 through 1961 and then in 1962 gave birth to the quarterly Japanese language journal Chemical Education, which in 1987 was renamed Chemistry and Education. It was published bimonthly until 1992, when it became a monthly publication.
The DCE, the first division established within the CSJ, in 1977 organized the first binational seminar on chemical education, which was held in Minneapolis, Wisconsin, USA. This paved the way for special symposia on chemical education, which have been held at Pacifichem Congresses since 1979. The same year as the first Pacifichem Congress, a group of seven members, led by Shimozawa, published the English language booklet Chemical Education in Japan, which was distributed to participants of the Congress. The booklet was revised in 1994, and in 1997 Takeuchi and Masato M. Ito edited another booklet Chemical Education in Asia-Pacific with the assistance of the Federation of Asian Chemical Societies (FACS). The organization of the 8th International Conference on Chemical Education in 1985 in Tokyo, where about 600 people from 53 countries gathered, is also a DCE activity highlight.

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