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International Chemistry Olympiad

The Chemical Society of Japan

With the purpose of sending high school students to the International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO), which has a 34-year history and approximately 60 participant countries, the Council launched in 1999 the nationwide chemical proficiency contest "High School Chemistry Grand Prix." The contest consists of theoretical and experimental exams, under the financial support of the Japan Chemical Industry Association.
In 2002, Atunori Mori, Masato M. Ito, and Yoshihiko Noda were dispatched as observers to the 34th IChO held in Groningen, Netherlands, and four first- and second-grade students were selected out of ca. 1,200 Grand Prix participants. As one of the events within the framework of the CSJ 125th anniversary, the four young future chemists participated in the 35th IChO held in Athens, Greece, in July 2003.

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