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The Council of Chemical Education

The Chemical Society of Japan

The Council consists of approximately 25 steering members and four advisors (Ryoji Noyori, Mamoru Mohri, Tadasu Tachi, and Hiromichi Seya). They are responsible for chemical education innovations and chemical knowledge dissemination to the public. With this goal in mind, the Council plans and conducts a variety of activities, which are executed mainly by the following four groups:

School/University Education Committee proposes desirable education in primary & secondary schools, inspects problems in university entrance exams, innovates university chemical education, promotes exchanges with industry, etc.

Dissemination/Public Relations Committee promotes international communication and exchange (by the International Relations Subcommittee) steers the High-School Chemistry Grand Prix and the participation in the International Chemistry Olympiad (by the Chemistry Grand Prix & IChO Subcommittee), plans chemical education forums at the CSJ Annual Meetings, designs and operates the "Chemistry Makes Our Dreams Come True" events under the cosponsorship of the Japan Chemical Industry Association, maintains the Council homepage, searches for strategies for member augmentation, etc.

Chemistry and Education Editorial Committee proposes attractive and/or small-scale experiments for school classes, edits useful topical and course articles, etc.

Branch Councils of Chemical Education vitalizes regional members by supporting grass-root activities and organizes lectures for the public, seminars and discussion forums for teachers, and experiment demonstrations, open houses at universities for students, student research presentation sessions, etc.

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