Registration method for the annual meeting for listener

Registration method for the annual meeting

STEP1. Select Language

Select the language for this site:

* You will receive the e-mails from the event organization in the language that you select here.


STEP2. Apply for Registration to the meeting

Click "Send" after you have entered your e-mail address.
You will use your address after registration to login to your meeting's MYPAGE. E-mails from the event organization will be sent to your address also.


STEP3. Complete Registration

You will receive an e-mail including the URL for registration.


STEP4. Receive E-mail

Check the e-mail you received.
Click the URL address mentioned in the email and jump to the registration page.

*1) There are few possible things if you can not receive our e-mail.

  • The mail is saved in a folder for junk mail, according to the setting of the   mailer.
  • You are specifying the domain that you receive.
  • The mail is saved in a folder for junk mail, according to the setting of your university's mail server.

Please try again after changing the settings.

*2)  URL will expire after 5 hours has passed after the request was made.


STEP5. Registration

Click "Confirm Information Entered" after you have enter the information you need to register.

Input Screen (click for larger version)

Required Information
Registration Choose whether to register or not register to the annual meeting.

* Only people who wish to buy collection of papers or the program without making registration can choose not to register.

Perks of Registration Choose the perks of registration you need.
Additional Option Choose the options you need buy in addition.

Be aware that if you choose what you will receive as perks of registration, you will receive two same things. You will receive either one of the following, one that
  • collection of papers (DVD) and the program
  • collection of papers (USB flash memory) and the program
Get-Together Choose whether to register or not register to the Get-Together.
Classification of Registration Choose "Member", "Non-member", "International - General" or "International - Student."
Member Classification It will appear if you chose "Member" above. Here, choose your member classification.
Date of Birth It will appear if you chose "Retired Senior" above.

* Retired Senior membership is limited to seniors over the age of 60 who are retired.

Corporate Member No. It will appear if you chose "Corporate" above. Enter the No. for CSJ.
Nationality It will appear if you chose "International - General" or "International - Student" above. Select your nationality.
Name Enter your name

* -Click here to check how to enter special characters.
- To enter your middle name.
- To enter your maiden name.

Member No. Enter your member No.. Enter your registration No., which start with "ME," if the member No. hasn't arrived though you have already completed the admission procedure from the web In that case, transfer your membership fee until mid Dec.
We will check your information if you enter a ME No..
Affiliation Choose one from industry, government, or academia.
Institution Enter the name of department, and the name of registrant's university, or registrant's company.
Telephone No. Enter registrant's telephone No..
Status Enter the name of your status.
Email Address for CC. All the e-mails sent from event organization will be CC'd to these addresses.
TO will be the e-mail address used for registration.
Residence Choose either "Domestic" or "International".
*We will not send any documents overseas, such as your attendance certificate.
Where to Deliver Choose either "Home" or "Institution."
Program and attendance certificate will be sent to the address above. Click here for detail.
Postal Code Enter registrant's postal code.
Address If you need to enter the room No, floor, or the name of the building, use address 2.


STEP6. Confirm Information Entered

Confirm the information you entered and click "Complete Registration."

A message will appear at the top of the page if there is an error in the information you entered. Check and edit each function and click "Confirm."


STEP7. Complete Registration

Your registration for the annual meeting has completed.

You will receive an e-mail titled "Registration Completed."


Confirm and edit your registration

You need to follow the procedure below to confirm or edit your registration information.

STEP1. Login to your meeting's MYPAGE.

Your meeting's MYPAGE will be created after you have completed your registration.
To login you need the login ID (your e-mail address) and your password.

* You can change your password from meeting's MYPAGE after your login.


STEP2. Confirm or Edit Detail

Information you entered will reflect in "Registration Information."
Click "Edit" at "Registration Information" if you need to edit your information.

*You can edit your name and address from "Edit Your Information." Click here for detail.