Q & A

Resistration for the annual meeting

QDo I need to register fo the meeting?


Yes, you need to register. Only expect if you are invited. You can check from your meeting's MYPAGE.

QI want to register to the meeting but I'm not sure which classification I should choose.


Your classification for the annual meeting is same as you member classification of CSJ.
Check here for the detail information.

QI can't find errors.


If you have more than one error, an message -The input information is incorrect.- will appear on the top of page. To get the detail information about errors, scroll down to the target input and check red error message.

QI want to know about the additional options.


You will receive the followings as the perks of registration.

  • The Program
  • Collection of papers (in DVD-ROM or USB flash memory)

Choose additional options if you need more than you can get as the perks of registration.

QI want to know the payment method of participation fees.


Use the meeting's original form which is attached in the "Kagaku-to Kogyou" (Chemistry & Chemical Industry)., or the transfer form in the post office.
Please don't forget to write down your name and Registration Number (S + 4 digit number) in the note.

Account Name : 公益社団法人日本化学会 or シャ)ニホンカガクカイ
Account No.:00170-0-6058

QI wasn't able to finish payments until the deadline.


If we can not confirm the transfer until the deadline, the registration will be canceled automatically. Come to the General Reception at the day of the event and re-register. In that case the fee will change to at door charge.

QThat attendance certificate hasn't arrived yet.


Some universities don't accept documents to student in personal. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please let us know that your attendance certificate hasn't arrived by sending us an e-mail.

Event Organization's e-mail address: nenkai@chemistry.or.jp

QI need the receipt for my registration.


The right half of the transfer form will be your receipt. If you need a formal receipt send the right half of the transfer form that you used to the address bellow. We will send you the formal receipt in exchange.

Kagaku-Kaikan (Chemistry Hall)
1-5 Kanda-Surugadai
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-8307