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4th Major Chemical Societies Meeting (C6)

The Chemical Society of Japan

The 4th Major Chemical Societies Meeting, hosted by The Chemical Society of Japan, was held in Tokyo between May 13 and 15, 2004. Presidents, vice presidents and executive directors of the Chemical Societies of six countries, namely the USA, UK, Germany, France and the Netherlands met to discuss with each other various common topics.

  1. History

  2. Agenda

  3. Comments on each topics
    Introduction (ACS, RCS, GDCh, FCS, KNCV, CSJ)
    Topic.1 (ACS, RSC, GDCh, FCS, KNCV, CSJ )
    Topic.2 (ACS, RSC, GDCh, FCS, KNCV, CSJ )
    Topic.3 (ACS, RSC, GDCh, FCS, KNCV, CSJ )
    Topic.4 (ACS, RSC, GDCh, FCS, KNCV, CSJ )
    Topic.5 (ACS, RSC, GDCh, FCS, KNCV, CSJ )

  4. Participating people (Guest Societies, CSJ )

  5. Conclusion ( Summary of Discussion , Statement )

  6. Photo Albums

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