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Major Chemical Societies Meeting

The Chemical Society of Japan

The idea of an international gathering of societies was first proposed in 1998 by Mary L. Good, who was chair of the committee on International Activities at the time. Good wanted to establish closer relations with international chemical Societies; this resulted in representatives from ACS attending the Federation of European Chemical Societies Meeting.
After this experience, RSC suggested that a smaller meeting would be more benificial. To that end, the organization hosted a meeting of four chemical societies - ACS, GDCh, CSJ, and RSC - in Ascot, England, in 1999.
ACS hosted the next meeting of group in Washington,D.C.,in November 2000. The number of countries represented at this gathering grew to six with the inclusion of SFC and KNCV. One result of this meeting was a staff collaboration on green chemistry among ACS, RSC, and GDCh. (so far from C&EN August 12, 2002)
The third meeting hosted by GDCh was held in Franfurt in 20 - 22 June 2002 with the six societies.
The 4th meeting is scheduled to be held between 13 and 15, May in 2004 in Japan.

Following is records of summaries and partipated members of each meeting.
The 1st Meeting in Ascot, England from 12 to 14 July 1999
( Declaration, Participants )

The 2nd Meeting in Washington D.C, USA from Noember 29 to December 1 2002.
( Notes, Participants )

The 3rd Meeting in Frankfurt, Germany from 20 to 22 June, 2002
( Conclusions, Participants )
Below is a photo taken at teh third meeting at Frankfurt.

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