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Recipients of the CSJ Award (1999–1980)
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Suehiro IWATA (Inst. Mol. Sci.):
Development of Molecular Orbital Theory and Its Application to Molecular Science
Hisashi OKAWA (Kyushu Univ.):
Studies on Rational Synthesis and Characteristics of Multinuclear Metal Complexes
Yoshiteru SAKATA (Osaka Univ.):
Studies on Artificial Photosynthesis Based on Organic Molecules
Koichi NARASAKA (Univ. Tokyo):
Exploration of New Reactions in Organic Synthesis
Akira FUJISHIMA (Univ. Tokyo):
Fundamentals and Applications of Photo-functional Interfacial Chemistry
Yuzo FUJIWARA (Kyushu Univ.):
Development of Novel Synthetic Organic Reactions Using d- and f-Block Transition Metal Catalysts

Renji OKAZAKI (Japan Women's Univ.):
Studies on the Synthesis of Highly Reactive Organic Species Containing Heavy Heteroatoms
Yoshio OKAMOTO (Nagoya Univ.):
Studies on Precision Synthesis and Function of Optically Active Polymers
Iwao OJIMA (State Univ. NY Stony Brook):
Development of New Methodologies for Organic Syntheses and Their Applications to Biomedical Research
Shoichi KUSUMOTO (Osaka Univ.):
Study on Chemistry and Function of Biologically Active Natural Glycoconjugates
Yasuhiko SHIROTA (Osaka Univ.):
Creation of Photo- and Electro-active Organic Materials and Their Applications
Kohei TAMAO (Kyoto Univ.):
Development and Application of Various New Functions of Organosilicon Compounds

Kin-ya AKIBA (Hiroshima Univ.):
Studies on Hypervalent Organic Compounds Mainly Using Group 15 Elements
Tohru AZUMI (Tohoku Univ.):
Development of New Spin Spectroscopy and Studies on Structures, Dynamics, and Reactions of Paramagnetic Chemical Species
Kiitiro UTIMOTO (Kyoto Univ.):
Studies on Novel Synthetic Organic Reactions Based on the Development of Reactive Organometallic Species
Toshiyuki URYU (Univ. Tokyo):
Synthesis of Stereoregular Polysaccharides with Medicinal and Biological Activities
Hitomi SUZUKI (Kyoto Univ.):
Development and Mechanistic Studies of Novel Organic Reactions Based on Characteristics of Aromatics and Heteroatom Systems
Shinji MURAI (Osaka Univ.):
Development of Novel Organic Synthetic Reactions Using Transition Metal-complex Catalysts

Masuo AIZAWA (Tokyo Inst. Technol.):
Design and Creation of Super-natured Functional Molecular Systems
Yusuke IZUMI (Nagoya Univ.):
Development of Organic Processes by Using Inorganic Solid Acids and Bases as Reaction Fields
Kin-ichi OBI (Tokyo Inst. Technol.):
Studies on Photochemical Reaction Dynamics Initiated by Laser Excitation
Hideomi KOINUMA (Tokyo Inst. Technol.):
Studies on Atomic Scale Control of Inorganic Thin Films for Exploration of Novel Functions
Ei-ichi NEGISHI (Purdue Univ.):
Studies on Novel Organic Synthetic Reactions Using Organozirconium Compounds or Palladium Catalysts
Tokio YAMABE (Kyoto Univ.):
Studies on Electronic Properties of p-Conjugated Systems

Gin-ya ADACHI (Osaka Univ.):
Studies on Rare Earth Compounds for Functional Materials
Yoshimasa KYOGOKU (Osaka Univ.):
Studies on Solution Structures and Molecular Recognition of Proteins and Nucleic Acids
Masanobu HIDAI (Univ. Tokyo):
Studies on Activation and Reactions of Small Molecules by Using Transition Metal Complexes
Kiyoyuki YAMADA (Nagoya Univ.):
Studies on Natural Products with Bioactivities such as Carcinogenicity and Antitumor Activity
Yoshinori YAMAMOTO (Tohoku Univ.):
Development of Organometallics-Lewis Acid Complex Reagents
Keitaro YOSHIHARA (Inst. Mol. Sci.):
Studies on Excited Molecules by Ultrafast Laser Spectroscopy

Wataru ANDO (Tsukuba Univ.):
Studies on Reactive Intermediates in Organic Heteroatom Chemistry
Minoru KINOSHITA (Univ. Tokyo):
Discovery of Organic Ferromagnets
Noboru HIROTA (Kyoto Univ.):
EPR Studies of Structures, Electronic States, Dynamics and Reactions of Paramagnetic Molecules
Taku MATSUO (Kyushu Univ.):
Photochemical Control of Electron-transfer Reactions at Organized Molecules-Water Interfaces
Shun-ichi MURAHASHI (Osaka Univ):
Exploitation of Fundamental Synthetic Reactions Catalyzed by Transition Metal Complexes
Hisashi YAMAMOTO (Nagoya Univ.):
Development of Designer Lewis Acid Catalysts

Koichi ITO (Osaka City Univ.):
Discovery of Organic High-spin Molecules and Advancement of the Study of Organic Ferromagnetism
Tetsuo OSA (Tohoku Univ.):
Studies on the Creation and Development of Advanced Functional Electrode Interface
Naohiro SOGA (Kyoto Univ.):
Studies on Chemical Bonding of Inorganic Materials and Development of Functional Glasses
Mitsuo TASUMI (Univ. Tokyo):
Studies on the Structures, Dynamics, and Functions of Synthetic and Biological Macromolecules and Related Molecules
Takeshi NAKAI (Tokyo Inst. Technol.):
Studies on Stereochemical Control in Synthetic Organic Reactions
Akira NAKAMURA (Inst. Mol. Sci./Osaka Univ.):
Studies on Reactive Metal Complexes with Carbon and Sulfur Ligands

Tadamasa SHIDA (Kyoto Univ.):
Selective Production of Radical Ions and the Spectroscopic Study on Their Structures and Reactions.
Hiroshi SUGINOME (Hokkaido Univ.):
Development of New Selective Organic Processes and Their Application to the Synthesis of Biologically-active Molecules
Zen-ichiro TAKEHARA (Kyoto Univ.):
Development of Functional Materials for Electrochemical Synthesis
Soji TSUCHIYA (Univ. Tokyo):
Molecular Energy Transfer in Reaction Dynamics
Fumio TODA (Ehime Univ.):
Studies on Molecular Recognition and Design of Reactions in Crystals
Minoru MATSUDA (Tohoku Univ.):
Studies on the Characteristics of Sulfur-containing Polymers and Their Application to Electronic Materials

Yoshihiko ITO (Kyoto Univ.):
Metal Isocyanide Complexes for Organic Synthesis
Hiizu IWAMURA (Univ. Tokyo):
Advancement of Physical Organic Chemistry on the Basis of Molecular Design and Construction of Novel p-Electron Systems
Haruo MATSUDA (Osaka Univ.):
Catalytic Use of Main-group Organometallics and Application to Electronic Materials
Yoshihiko MOROOKA (Tokyo Inst. Technol.):
Studies on the Activation of Dioxygen and Catalytic Oxidation Reactions
Keiji MOROKUMA (Inst. Phys. Chem. Res.):
Theoretical Studies on Molecular Interaction and Chemical Reactions
Shosuke YAMAMURA (Keio Univ.):
Chemical Studies on Natural Products with Novel Structures and Biological Functions

Shohei INOUE (Univ. Tokyo):
Precise Regulation of Polymer Synthesis
Toyoki KUNITAKE (Kyushu Univ.):
Synthetic Molecular Membranes and Related Organization of Organic Molecules
Noboru SONODA (Osaka Univ.):
Studies on the Chemical Characteristics of Heteroatoms and Their Application to Synthetic Reactions
Katsumi TOKUMARU (Tsukuba Univ.):
Exploratory Interdisciplinary Approach to Photochemistry of Organic Compounds
Kichisuke NISHIMOTO (Osaka City Univ.):
Theoretical Studies of Electronic Structures and Electronic Spectra of Molecules
Hiroshi YAMAZAKI (Inst. Phys. Chem. Res.):
Studies on Organometallic Complexes Directed toward Novel Catalytic Reactions

Nobuo ISHIBASHI (Kyushu Univ.):
Development of Highly Sensitive Methods for Chemical Analysis
Tomoyuki INUI (Kyoto Univ.):
Studies on Highly Effective Syntheses of Fundamental Petrochemicals by Newly Developed Catalyst Systems
Nobutami KASAI (Osaka Univ.):
X-ray Analysis for the Elucidation of Structure-Function Relationship of Molecular Assemblies
Katsumi KIMURA (Inst. Mol. Sci.):
Studies on Excited Molecules by Multiphoton Ionization Photoelectron Spectroscopy
Yuho TSUNO (Inst. Mol. Sci.):
Structure-Reactivity Relationship in Organic Chemistry
Takayuki FUENO (Osaka Univ.):
Fundamental Studies on the Electronic Structure of Molecules and the Dynamism of Chemical Reactions

Masaji OHNO (Univ. Tokyo):
Molecular Design of Biologically Active Substances and the Synthetic Approach to the Biomechanism
Akira SUZUKI (Hokkaido Univ.):
Studies on New Synthetic Methodology by Means of Organoboron Compounds
Manabu SENO (Univ. Tokyo):
Research on Nonequilibrium Systems Controlling Transport Reaction Functions
Kiichi TAKEMOTO (Osaka Univ.):
Synthetic Developments of Biofunctional Materials and Their Applications
Yoshio MATSUNAGA (Hokkaido Univ.):
Physical Chemistry of Functional Molecular Complexes
Ichiro MURATA (Osaka Univ.):
Studies on the Design, Synthesis, and Properties of Novel Organic Molecules

Mitsuo ITO (Tohoku Univ.):
Development of Laser Spectroscopy and Studies on Electronic and Vibrational States
Hirotoshi SANO (Tokyo Metro. Univ.):
Mössbauer Spectroscopic Studies of Dynamical Intra- and Intermolecular Chemical States in Solid
Sumio SAKKA (Kyoto Univ.):
Studies on Structure, Properties, and New Preparation Method of Functional Inorganic Glasses
Shigeru TORII (Okayama Univ.):
A Novel Development of Electroorganic Synthesis by Designing Reaction Sites
Yukito MURAKAMI (Kyushu Univ.):
Studies on Artificial Enzyme Systems Activated by Metal Ion Species
Masaru YAMAGUCHI (Kyushu Univ.):
Development of Useful Synthetic Reactions in Total Syntheses of Natural Organic Compounds

Shigero IKEDA (Osaka Univ.):
Studies on Methodology and Reaction Mechanism for Chemical Characterization
Norio ISE (Kyoto Univ.):
Studies on Structure and Properties of Ionic Polymer Solutions
Shigeyuki SOMIYA (Tokyo Inst. Technol.):
Studies on Hydrothermal Reactions and Their Applications for the Synthesis of Inorganic Materials
Eizi HIROTA (Inst. Mol. Sci.):
Structural Studies of Transient Molecules by High-resolution Spectroscopy
Kazuo FUEKI (Univ. Tokyo):
Theoretical Systematization of Solid State Physical Chemistry and Its Verification
Teruo MATSUURA (Kyoto Univ.):
Organic Chemical Studies on Photochemical Reactions and Reactive Oxygen Species

Shigeo KIDA (Kyushu Univ.):
Studies on Binuclear and Polynuclear Metal Complexes
Tatsuya SHONO (Kyoto Univ.):
Studies on New Synthetic Organic Chemistry Using Electroorganic Reactions as Tools to Generate Active Species
Shigeyuki TANAKA (Univ. Tokyo):
Studies on Industrial Analytical Chemistry by Molecular Spectroscopy
Noboru MATAGA (Osaka Univ.):
Studies on Molecular Interactions in Excited Electronic States and Photochemical Primary Processes
Kazuhiro MARUYAMA (Kyoto Univ.):
Studies on Novel Organic Reactions Based on the Physical Organic Chemistry of Electron Transfer Processes
Akio YAMAMOTO (Tokyo Inst. Technol.):
Studies on Organotransition Metal Complexes

Sho ITO (Tohoku Univ.):
Studies on Nonbenzenoid Aromatics and Terpenoids with Novel Structures and Properties
Kunio OKAMOTO (Kyoto Univ.):
Studies on Novel Synthesis and Reactivity of Carbocations
Otohiko TSUGE (Kyushu Univ.):
Synthetic Design of Heterocyclic Compounds
Hiroshi TSUBOMURA (Osaka Univ.):
Studies on the Intermolecular and Interfacial Electron Transfer Processes
Ryoji NOYORI (Nagoya Univ.):
Synthesis of Physiologically Active Substances via Innovative Organic Reactions
Hidefumi HIRAI (Univ. Tokyo):
Studies on Selective Syntheses and Separations by Molecular Complex Formation

Nobuo IZUMIYA (Kyushu Univ.):
Synthetic Studies on Bioactive Cyclic Peptides
Soichi MISUMI (Osaka Univ.):
Studies on the Syntheses, Structures, and Properties of Layered Aromatic Compounds
Tatsuya YASUNAGA (Hiroshima Univ.):
Development of Chemical Relaxation Techniques and Their Application to Fast Reactions in Solution
Haruo KOBAYASHI (Muroran Inst. Technol.):
Kinetic Analysis of Heterogeneous Catalysis-A Strategy for Designing Catalysis and Reactors
Tetsuo SUAMI (Keio Univ.):
Synthetic Studies on Aminocyclitol Antibiotics and Antineoplastic Agents
Yuya YAMASHITA (Nagoya Univ.):
New Approaches to Polymeric Materials by Copolymerization

Hiromichi KAWAI (Kyoto Univ.):
Structure and Properties of Multi-phase Polymer Systems
Toshio GOTO (Nagoya Univ.):
Chemical Studies on the Natural Products with Specific Biological Functions
Kozo SHINODA (Yokohama Nat'l. Univ.):
Studies on Micellar Solutions and Solubility
Masami TANAKA (Univ. Osaka Pref.):
Synthesis and Application of Electro-conductive Amorphous Materials
Ichiro HIRAO (Kyushu Inst. Technol.):
Studies on the Development and the Synthesis of the Biologically Active Compounds
Tadashi MASAMUNE (Hokkaido Univ.):
Organic Chemical Studies on Highly Active Natural Products of Plant Origin

Kozo KUCHITSU (Univ. Tokyo):
Studies on Structures and Dynamical Properties of Gas Molecules by Electron Beam
Jiro SHIOKAWA (Osaka Univ.):
Studies on Rare Earth Elements for Functional Materials
Tetsuo SHIBA (Osaka Univ.):
Studies on Peptides and Sugars for Elucidation of Biological Functions by Organic Synthesis
Jiro TSUJI (Tokyo Inst. Technol.):
New Organic Synthetic Processes by Means of Transition Metal Compounds
Ken-ichi HONDA (Univ. Tokyo):
Studies on Photoelectrochemical Reaction and Its Applications
Hideo YAMATERA (Nagoya Univ.):
Establishment of the Yamatera Rule for Absorption Spectra of Metal Complexes

Toshio AGAWA (Osaka Univ.):
Studies on Novel Synthetic Reactions of Heterocyclic Compounds
Kiyoteru OTOZAI (Osaka Univ.):
Studies of Nuclear Excitation by Electron Transition
Masao KIMURA (Hokkaido Univ.):
Development of Gas Electron Diffraction Method and Structure Determinations of Fundamental Molecules
Hideki SAKURAI (Tohoku Univ.):
Studies on Structures and Reactions of Organosilicon Compounds
Yukio YONEDA (Univ. Tokyo):
Engineering Science on Chemical Reaction Design
Nobuatsu WATANABE (Kyoto Univ.):
Studies on Fluorination Reactions and Carbon-Fluorine Intercalation Compounds

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