The 99th Annual Meeting of The Chemical Society of Japan

Date: March 16th - 19th, 2019

Venue: Okamoto Campus, Konan University, Kobe, Japan

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Room E4

Bldg. 3 344

[Education and History of Chemistry]

Saturday, March 16, AM

Chair: NAKAGAWA, Tetsuo (09:40-10:40)

* 9:30-9:40: interval for laptop PC connection.(1E4-05, 1E4-06, 1E4-07, 1E4-08)

Developing Photochromic Reaction Rate Experiments for High School Education (Kobe Coll. Junior and Senior High School) º IKEDA, Ikuhiro; OSAKI, Hiroo

Experimental system for understanding characteristic of greenhouse gas based on photoacoustic effects and its practice in high schools. (HUS; Grad. Sch. Env. Sci., Hokkaido Univ.) º FUKUHARA, Akiko; YAMANAKA, Yasuhiro; KANEKO, Fumitoshi

Verification of the Effectiveness of Image-J Digital Analysis with Respect to the TLC Analysis of Synthesized Azo Dyes (Coll. Sci., Rikkyo Univ.; Rikkyo Niiza Junior and Senior High School) º NISHINO, Ryohei; WATANABE, Tomohiro

1E4-08 CSJ Award for Merits for Chemical Education
Contribution to chemistry education by experience-based training of cutting-edge chemistry and development of new chemistry teaching materials (Nara Municipal Ichijo Senior High Sch.) º INUBUSHI, Masaji

Chair: NARIAI, Hiroyuki (10:50-11:50)

* 10:40-10:50: interval for laptop PC connection.(1E4-12)

1E4-12 CSJ Award for Chemical Education
Long-term and wide range leadership in the popularization of chemistry education (Osaka Kyoiku Univ.) º YOKOI, Kunihiko

Sunday, March 17, AM

Chair: YAMAGUCHI, Tadatsugu (09:00-09:30)

* 8:50-9:00: interval for laptop PC connection.(2E4-01)

2E4-01 CSJ Award for Merits for Chemical Education
Contribution to the Chemical Education through the Educational Practice utilized the Teaching Materials and the Guidance of Chemistry Club (Miyagi Prefecture Sendai Daisan High Sch.) º SUGAWARA, Yusuke

Sunday, March 17, PM

Chair: TAKANO, Hiroe (13:00-14:00)

* 12:50-13:00: interval for laptop PC connection.(2E4-25, 2E4-26, 2E4-27, 2E4-28, 2E4-29, 2E4-30)

Determining the structure that causes reducing properties of sugars (Grad. Sch. Sci., TUS) º MASUDA, Yasuhiro; INOUE, Masayuki

Experimental teaching materials of decarboxylation using carboxylate and solid base (Grad. Sch. Sci., TUS) º MAEDA, Toshikazu; INOUE, Masayuki

Experiment of light shielding with photo-oxidation of vegetable oils (TUS) º ITAGAKI, Meimi; INOUE, Masayuki

Production experiment of synthetic detergent using sulfuric acid silica gel (Grad. Sch. Sci., TUS) º KURIKI, Ayumi; INOUE, Masayuki

Development of experimental teaching materials to synthesize salicylic acid from phenol via salicylaldehyde (Grad. Sch. Mathematics Sci. Edu., TUS) º NAMIKI, Yuuki; INOUE, Masayuki

Metal leaves of copper precipitated by "reduction of Fehling solution" with alcohol (L.S.H.S.) º NOGUCHI, Daisuke

Chair: NOGUCHI, Daisuke (14:10-14:40)

* 14:00-14:10: interval for laptop PC connection.(2E4-32, 2E4-34)

A new control experiment by kitchen science - making bagel and ring bread using the micro-scale method - (Grad. Sch. Mathematics Sci. Edu., TUS) º SATO, Yoko; OHTA, Hisataka

Teaching practice of high school chemistry that uses a flash card (shitenha-kou) º TAKANO, Hiroe

Monday, March 18, AM

Chair: MUNEGUMI, Toratane (09:40-10:40)

* 9:30-9:40: interval for laptop PC connection.(3E4-05, 3E4-06, 3E4-07, 3E4-08)

GSC Education through Environmentally Benign Experiments (Tohoku Univ.) º OGINO, Kazuko

The development of a teaching aid based on lac insect in Green and Sustainable Chemistry lessons. (Fac. Sci., Toho Univ.) º SUGIYAMA, Kazuya; WATANABE, Soichiro; IMAI, Izumi

Microscale experiment on electrical conductivities of some solids and their aqueous solutions using plastic bottle caps (Sch Human Sci., Kobe College) º NAKAGAWA, Tetsuo

3E4-08 CSJ Award for Merits for Chemical Education
Contribution to Science Education through Creation of "Sendai-Miyagi Science Day" (natural science) º OHKUSA, Yoshie

Chair: IMAI, Izumi (10:50-11:50)

* 10:40-10:50: interval for laptop PC connection.(3E4-12, 3E4-14, 3E4-16)

The point of view of science education and regional related population in the times of post globalization (Dept. of Commerce, Kumamoto Gekuen Univ.) º IWAMA, Sekai; ASAHI, Fumiyoshi; TAKAHASHI, Ryu; SASAKI, Tsukasa

Investigating cross-curriculum learning based on subject contents of chemistry (Dept. Nat. Sci. Edu., Naruto Univ. of Edu.) º MUNEGUMI, Toratane; NARIMITSU, Junya; TAKIMOTO, Hodaka

Gender comparison of learning effect in high school (Fac. Edu., Ehime Univ.) º OHASHI, Atsushi; SAIJOH, Shinsuke

Monday, March 18, PM

Chair: KURIYAMA, Yasunao (13:00-14:00)

* 12:50-13:00: interval for laptop PC connection.(3E4-25, 3E4-26, 3E4-28, 3E4-29, 3E4-30)

playground equipments for children to be familier with the periodic table (Salesian Polytechnic) º NAGAO, Akemi; SAKAMOTO, Yasufumi

The Myth concerning Not Hearing Radio-Wave (MK Microwave Research, Micro Patent Office) º KOIKE, Makoto

Development of teaching materials on candle combustion - Thinking of airflow (NIT, Tokyo College) º TAKAHASHI, Mitsuo; GOTO, Kenichi; HADA, Yoshihiro; KAWASHIMA, Norimichi

Feed students' scientific thinking ability and judgment in a special lecture on microscale experiment (Hyogo Prefectural Kobe High Sch.) º NAKAZAWA, Katsuyuki

Synthetic method of phenylindigos enabled in high-school laboratory (Fac. Edu., Gunma Univ.; Fac. Bio., KAIT) º KOJIMA, Tomoya; HASEGAWA, Hikaru; OHYA, Ryuji; NODA, Takeshi; HIOKI, Hideaki

Chair: SANO, Hirosi (14:10-14:50)

* 14:00-14:10: interval for laptop PC connection.(3E4-32, 3E4-33, 3E4-34, 3E4-35)

Acetylation Reaction of Aniline as an Inquiry-based Learning of Organic Synthesis toward Education for Sustainable Development (Grad. Sch. Educ., Hiroshima Univ.) º KITAZAKI, Ryutaro; AMIMOTO, Kiichi

A Teaching Material for Degradation of Cellulose and its Product Analyses (Grad. Sch. Educ., Hiroshima Univ.) º KOSHIBA, Takashi; AMIMOTO, Kiichi

A Teaching Material of Enzyme Kinetics on Hydrolysis of Salicin (Grad. Sch. Educ., Hiroshima Univ.) º NAKAMURA, Tatsuhito; AMIMOTO, Kiichi

A Learning Program for Multilateral Understanding of Enzyme Exemplified by Lysozyme (Grad. Sch. Educ., Hiroshima Univ.) º OKITA, Kaho; AMIMOTO, Kiichi

Chair: AMIMOTO, Kiichi (15:00-15:40)

* 14:50-15:00: interval for laptop PC connection.(3E4-37, 3E4-39, 3E4-40)

Analysis with the Systematized Survey on the History of Technology: CD, Silica Optical Fiber, Antibiotics & Antibacterial, 35mm High End Camera and Stamping Tooling for Motor Core (NMNS) º KAMEI, Osamu

The Simple Detection Method of Sucralose Included in the Food (Fac. Edu., Hirosaki Univ.) º CHOUNAN, Yukiyasu; ONODERA, Yuta

Development of PBL Style Experiment to Obtain a Logical Thinking (Keio Univ.) º KUBOTA, Mari; OISHI, Takeshi

Chair: CHOUNAN, Yukiyasu (15:50-16:50)

* 15:40-15:50: interval for laptop PC connection.(3E4-42, 3E4-44, 3E4-45, 3E4-47)

Preparation of poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVA) slimes by the use of PVA samples with different values of degree of saponification and practical education (Aichi Univ. of Educ.) º OSA, Masashi; YAMAMOTO, Saki; NISHIMURA, Yuriko; MATSUSHITA, Koki

A Report of the science shows for understanding Fuel Cell using microscale experiments (Fac. Sci., Yamagata Univ.) º KURIYAMA, Yasunao; OGINO, Kazuko

Electronic expression of solvation on the new chenical structural formula (LOGES) º SANO, Hirosi

CBT Assesment for General Education in Yamagata University: Application to Chemistry (Inst. of Art and Sci., Yamagata Univ.) º IIJIMA, Takahiro; SENYO, Katsumi; YASUDA, Jun-ichiro; WATANABE, Eriko