The 99th Annual Meeting of The Chemical Society of Japan

Date: March 16th - 19th, 2019

Venue: Okamoto Campus, Konan University, Kobe, Japan

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Room S4

Bldg. 5 511

[Sustainable and Functional Redox Chemistry Contributing to SDGs]

Saturday, March 16, AM


1S4-01 Special Program Lecture
Opening Remarks (Sch. Mater. & Chem. Tech., Tokyo Tech.) º INAGI, Shinsuke

Chair: OKADA, Yohei (09:35-10:25)

1S4-02 Special Program Lecture
Self-doped Conducting Polymers Bearing Phosphonic Acid Moiety (Grad. Sch. Eng., Osaka Univ.) º AMAYA, Toru

1S4-03 Special Program Lecture
Redox reactions trigged by photoinduced electron transfer of organic molecules (Grad. Sch. Eng., Univ. of Fukui) º YOSHIMI, Yasuharu

Chair: OOYAMA, Yousuke (10:25-11:15)

1S4-04 Special Program Lecture
Organic long-persistent luminescence system based on intermolecular charge transfer (OPERA, Kyushu Univ.) º KABE, Ryota

1S4-05 Special Program Lecture
Molecular-Based Dye-Sensitized Photoelectrochemical Cells for Solar Water Splitting (Fac. Sci., Kyushu Univ.) º OZAWA, Hironobu

Chair: ATOBE, Mahito (11:15-12:25)

1S4-06 Special Program Lecture
Redox tunable micropore property of molybdenum-vanadium oxide (Grad. Sch. Eng., Hiroshima Univ.; Dept. of Material & Life Chem., Kanagawa Univ.) º SADAKANE, Masahiro; UEDA, Wataru

1S4-07 Special Program Lecture
Synthesis and Electronic Functions of π-Conjugated Polymers with Inter-element Communications (Sch. Mater. & Chem. Tech., Tokyo Tech.) º TOMITA, Ikuyoshi

[CSJ Public Lecture]

Saturday, March 16, PM


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Chair: KIDA, Toshiyuki (13:30-14:20)

1S4-08 CSJ Public Lecture
Keep your impression clean -Suppression of the body odor- (Mandom Corp.) º TSUBAKIHARA, Misao

Chair: KITAGISHI, Hiroaki (14:20-15:10)

1S4-09 CSJ Public Lecture
Frontline for neonatal medicine (Sch. Med., Nihon Univ.) º MORIOKA, Ichiro

Chair: KATAGIRI, Kousuke (15:20-16:10)

1S4-10 CSJ Public Lecture
The latest health management by science of the human movement (ASICS Corp.) º HARANO, Ken-ichi

Chair: HAYASHI, Takashi (16:10-17:00)

1S4-11 CSJ Public Lecture
Literature and Chemistry World of Kenji Miyazawa (Kyoto Pharm. Univ.) º SAKURAI, Hiromu

[CSJ Award Presentation]

Sunday, March 17, AM

Chair: OHE, Kouichi (10:00-11:00)

2S4-01 CSJ Award Presentation#
Development of Novel and Environmentally Benign Methodologies for Organic Synthesis (Grad. Sch. Sci., The Univ. of Tokyo) º KOBAYASHI, Shu

Chair: MIYASAKA, Tsutomu (11:20-12:20)

2S4-02 CSJ Award Presentation#
Development of Glass-Based Inorganic Solid Electrolytes for All-Solid-State Secondary Batteries (Grad. Sch. Eng., Osaka Pref. Univ.) º TATSUMISAGO, Masahiro

[Special Lecture]

Sunday, March 17, PM

Chair: HAYASHI, Yujiro (13:00-13:50)

2S4-03 Special Lecture#
New Adventures in Amino-Cope Chemistry (Univ. of Arizona) DAS, Pradipta; QURESHI, Haziq; DELOST, Michael; CHOGII, Isaac; º NJARDARSON, Jon T.

Chair: KOMATSU, Naoki (14:00-14:50)

2S4-04 Special Lecture#
Controlled multifunctionalisation of carbon nanomaterials (CNRS) º BIANCO, Alberto

[The Chemical Record Lecture 2019]

Monday, March 18, AM


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Monday, March 18, PM


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[CSJ Journal Forum]


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[Nano scale molecular science toward single molecular technology]

Tuesday, March 19, AM


4S4-01 Special Program Lecture
Introductroy Talk (ISIR, Osaka Univ.) º TANIGUCHI, Masateru

Chair: KIGUCHI, Manabu (09:35-10:55)

4S4-02 Special Program Lecture
Investigation of action mechanism of an anticancer drug using single molecule measurement (ISIR, Osaka Univ.; CREST, JST) º TANIGUCHI, Masateru

4S4-03 Special Program Lecture
Synthesis of Unimolecular Functionalized Materials with Rotaxane Structure (Grad. Sch. Arts and Sci., The Univ. of Tokyo) º TERAO, Jun

4S4-04 Special Program Lecture
Development of pi-Conjugated Systems Having Fluorine-Containing Electron-Accepting Units for Organic Photovoltaics (ISIR, Osaka Univ.) º IE, Yutaka

4S4-05 Special Program Lecture
Theoretical study on electron tunneling on moderately localized molecular orbitals (MCES, Tokyo Tech.) º TADA, Tomofumi

Chair: TANIGUCHI, Masateru (11:05-12:25)

4S4-06 Special Program Lecture
Single-molecule measurement of triplet state with STM (RIKEN SISL) º KIM, Yousoo

4S4-07 Special Program Lecture
Chemistry of emerging electronic devices (CD-FMat, AIST) º NAKAMURA, Hisao

4S4-08 Special Program Lecture
Studies on electronic and adsorption structure from current-voltage characteristics (Grad. Sch. Eng. Sci., Osaka Univ.) º YAMADA, Ryo; OHTO, Ohto; HELEN, Stewart; INOUE, Takuya; NUMAI, Yuichi; IE, Yutaka; ASO, Yoshio; TADA, Hirokazu

4S4-09 Special Program Lecture
SERS study on single molecule junction (Sch. Sci., Tokyo Tech.) º KIGUCHI, Manabu


4S4-10 Special Program Lecture
Summary (Grad. Sch. Sci., Eng., Tokyo Tech.) º KIGUCHI, Manabu

[New approaches in nucleic acid analysis and functionalization]

Tuesday, March 19, PM


4S4-11 Special Program Lecture
Opening remarks (Grad. Sch. Arts and Sci., The Univ. of Tokyo) º YOSHIMOTO, Keitaro

Chair: YOSHIMOTO, Keitaro (13:35-14:25)

4S4-12 Special Program Lecture
Design of fluorescent probes targeting higher-ordered RNA structures (Grad. Sch. Sci., Tohoku Univ.) º SATO, Yusuke

4S4-13 Special Program Lecture
Quantitative analysis of nucleic acid structures under multimolecular crowding conditions toward molecularly-targeted photodynamic therapy for RNA G-quadruplexes (FIRST, Konan Univ.) º MIYOSHI, Daisuke

Chair: MAEDA, Mizuo (14:35-15:25)

4S4-14 Special Program Lecture
Oligonucleotide-based growth factor mimetics ~Applications in regenerative medicines and repurposing as chemical tools for regulation of receptor signaling~ (Grad. Sch. Eng., The Univ. of Tokyo) º UEKI, Ryosuke

4S4-15 Special Program Lecture
Functional modulation of nucleic acids by their global conformational control (Fac. Adv. Sci. Tech., Kumamoto Univ.) º IHARA, Toshihiro

Chair: SATO, Moritoshi (15:35-16:25)

4S4-16 Special Program Lecture
Regulation of anti-coagulate activity of thrombin-binding DNA aptamers discovered by MACE/NGS-SELEX (Grad. Sch. Arts and Sci., The Univ. of Tokyo) º YOSHIMOTO, Keitaro

4S4-17 Special Program Lecture
Electrophoretic selection of aptamer pairs for design of multivalent aptamers (Grad. Sch. Sci., Eng., Saitama Univ.) º SAITO, Shingo


4S4-18 Special Program Lecture
concluding remarks (Grad. Sch. Arts and Sci., The Univ. of Tokyo) º SATO, Moritoshi