The 99th Annual Meeting of The Chemical Society of Japan

Date: March 16th - 19th, 2019

Venue: Okamoto Campus, Konan University, Kobe, Japan

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Room S3

Bldg. 1 142

[Sustainable chemical processes by innovative microwave technologies]

Saturday, March 16, AM


1S3-01 Special Program Lecture
Opening remarks (Grad. Sch. Eng., Tohoku Univ.) º FUKUSHIMA, Jun

Chair: FUKUSHIMA, Jun (09:35-10:55)

1S3-02 Special Program Lecture
Microwave-induced Local High Temperature Areas in situ Observed for Controlling Chemical Reactions (Sch. Mater. & Chem. Tech., Tokyo Tech.) º WADA, Yuji

1S3-03 Special Program Lecture
Materials processing under microwave non-equilibrium reaction field (Grad. Sch. Eng., Tohoku Univ.) º TAKIZAWA, Hirotsugu

1S3-04 Special Program Lecture
Microwave Specific Effect: Application to Organic Reactions (Fac. Sci. Tech., Keio Univ.) º YAMADA, Tohru

1S3-05 Special Program Lecture
Organic Transformation by Heterogeneous Catalyst under Microwave Irradiation (RIKEN CSRS) º YAMADA, Yoichi

Chair: TSUBAKI, Shuntaro (11:05-12:25)

1S3-06 Special Program Lecture
Flow-type microwave assisted desktop plant (Grad. Sch. Integrated Sci. and Tech., Shizuoka Univ.) º MASE, Nobuyuki

1S3-07 Special Program Lecture
Development of new chemical process using compact solid state microwave generator (RCPT, AIST) º NISHIOKA, Masateru

1S3-08 Special Program Lecture
Standardization of Microwave Chemical Process (Microwave Chemical Co., Ltd.) º TSUKAHARA, Yasunori

1S3-09 Special Program Lecture
Design of Microwave Applicator - Spin off from Wireless power Trasnfer Technology - (RISH, Kyoto Univ.) º SHINOHARA, Naoki


1S3-10 Special Program Lecture
Closing remarks (Sch. Mater. & Chem. Tech., Tokyo Tech.) º TSUBAKI, Shuntaro

[Engine, molecular energy conversion, for motion and function]

Saturday, March 16, PM


1S3-11 Special Program Lecture#
Opening Remarks (RCFM, NIMS) º NAKANISHI, Waka

Chair: KAKUGO, Akira (13:35-14:25)

1S3-12 Special Program Lecture#
Conformation control of molecules by mechanical energy at interfaces (RCFM, NIMS) º NAKANISHI, Waka

1S3-13 Special Program Lecture#
Crawling motion of crystals on solid surfaces by photoinduced crystal-to-melt phase transition (EPRI, AIST) º NORIKANE, Yasuo

Chair: SHISHIDO, Atsushi (14:25-15:25)

1S3-14 Special Program Lecture#
Emergence of autonomous functions through hierarchical integration of molecular engines (Fac. Sci., Hokkaido Univ.) º KAKUGO, Akira

1S3-15 Special Program Lecture#
Unique dynamics of molecular self-assemblies induced by chemical reactions (Fac. Sci. Tech., Keio Univ.) º BANNO, Taisuke

Chair: UENO, Takafumi (15:25-16:25)

1S3-16 Special Program Lecture#
Interfacial instability induced by aggregate formation-experimental model for amoeboid motion (Fac. Sci., TUS) º SUMINO, Yutaka

1S3-17 Special Program Lecture#
Two-dimensional self-assembly patterning by scanning wave photopolymerization (Lab. Chem. Life Sci., Tokyo Tech.) º SHISHIDO, Atsushi


1S3-18 Special Program Lecture#
Closing Remarks (Sch. Life Sci. Tech., Tokyo Tech.) º UENO, Takafumi

[The 3rd Research Report Meeting of JST-PRESTO Program "Innovative Technology Platforms for Integrated Single Cell Analysis";Development of Innovative technologies in Bioimaging and Single Cell Analysis]

Sunday, March 17, PM


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[JST CREST&PRESTO  Hyper-nano-space technology Symposium]

Monday, March 18, PM


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[Systemic Catalytic Science]

Tuesday, March 19, AM


4S3-01 Special Program Lecture#
Opening remarks (Grad. Sch. Pharm., The Univ. of Tokyo) º KANAI, Motomu

Chair: ISHIDA, Naoki (09:40-11:10)

4S3-02 Special Program Lecture#
C(sp3)-H Bond Functionalization Mediated by Hydride Shift/Cyclization System (Grad. Sch. Fac. Eng., Tokyo Univ. of Agri. and Technol.) º MORI, Keiji

4S3-03 Special Program Lecture#
Regio- and Stereo-controlled Ring-Opening Cross-Coupling of Aziridines Enabled by Pd Catalysis (Grad. Sch. Eng., Osaka Univ.) º TAKEDA, Youhei

4S3-04 Special Program Lecture#
Development of photochemical reactions using carbazole architecture (Grad. Sch. Sci., Kobe Univ.) º MATSUBARA, Ryousuke

Chair: KANAI, Motomu (11:20-12:20)

4S3-05 Special Program Lecture#
Photo/Metal Hybrid Catalysis for C-H Carboxylation with CO2 (Grad. Sch. Eng., Kyoto Univ.) º ISHIDA, Naoki

4S3-06 Special Program Lecture#
Catalyst Design toward Selective Dearomative Functionalizations (Fac. Sci. Eng., Waseda Univ.) º MUTO, Kei


4S3-07 Special Program Lecture#
Closing remarks (Grad. Sch. Pharm., The Univ. of Tokyo) º KANAI, Motomu

[Design of the molecular residence by creating new functional molecule]

Tuesday, March 19, PM


4S3-08 Special Program Lecture
Introduction (Molprof, AIST) º HIROKAWA, Takatsugu

Chair: TAKAYAMA, Masami (13:35-14:35)

4S3-09 Special Program Lecture
Discovery of novel PPAR gamma ligands based on the steric restriction of tricyclic core structure by the side chain. (Kyowa Hakko Kirin Co., Ltd.) º YAMAMOTO, Keisuke; TAMURA, Tomohiro; NAKAMURA, Rina; MATSUBARA, Masahiro; NAKAJIMA, Kenta; NAGATA, Keiko; SUZUKI, Michihiko; SAITO, Jun-ichi; KODAIRA, Hiroshi; TAHARA, Harunobu; UEMORI, Takeshi; UENO, Kimihisa; SHUTO, Satoshi

4S3-10 Special Program Lecture
Development of a near-infrared fluorescence probe for detecting folate receptors by controlling molecular residence times (Grad. Sch. Pharm., The Univ. of Tokyo) º HANAOKA, Kenjiro

Chair: ARISAWA, Mitsuhiro (14:35-15:25)

4S3-11 Special Program Lecture
Search for residence compounds by communication between Wet and Dry (Grad. Sch. Tech. Mgmt., Ritsumeikan Univ.; Grad. Sch. Pharm., Hokkaido Univ.) º KODAMA, Kota; SAIO, Tomohide; FUKUHARA, Hideo; OTSUGURO, Satoko; NIIZUMA, Sayaka; MATSUMARU, Takanori; IGARASHI, Manabu; MAENAKA, Katsumi

4S3-12 Special Program Lecture
Molecular simulations for the molecular residence with the structural biology data (Molprof, AIST) º HIROKAWA, Takatsugu

Chair: HIROKAWA, Takatsugu (15:25-16:25)

4S3-13 Special Program Lecture
Preparation of Metal Nano-particle Catalysts Using "In situ Metal Nanoparticle and Nanospace Simultaneous Organization (PSSO) method";;toward Functional Molecular Synthesis (Sch. Pharm., Osaka Univ.) º ARISAWA, Mitsuhiro

4S3-14 Special Program Lecture
Discovery of an Anti-Influenza Agent with a Novel Mechanism (Shionogi & Co., Ltd.) º KAWAI, Makoto


4S3-15 Special Program Lecture
Summary (Shionogi & Co., Ltd.) º TAKAYAMA, Masami