The 98th Annual Meeting of The Chemical Society of Japan

Date: March 20th - 23rd, 2018

Venue: Funabashi Campus, College of Science and Technology, Nihon University, Funabashi, Japan

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Room A2

Bldg. 14 1431

[Innovative healthcare technologies]

Tuesday, March 20, AM

Inorganic biomaterials for medical innovation


1A2-06 ATP Opening Remarks
(09:50) Introduction (Kyushu Univ.) º MASARU, Tanaka

Chair: NAOYUKI, Nishikawa (10:00-12:00)

1A2-07 ATP Special Invited Lecture
(10:00) One-pot wet-chemical synthesis of calcium phopshate-based nanocomposites for biomedical applications (NRI, AIST) º OYANE, Ayako; NAKAMURA, Maki

1A2-11 ATP Special Invited Lecture
(10:40) Development of highly functionalized biomaterials with bone-bonding property (Grad. Sch. Eng., Nagoya Univ.) º CHIKARA, Ohtsuki

1A2-15 ATP Invited Lecture
(11:20) Development of calcium phosphate artificial bone with unidirectional pore structure (KURARAY CO., LTD.) º KUWAYAMA, Tomoya; HOTTA, Yuji; MATSUO, Takashi; HIGAKI, Tatsuhiko

1A2-18 ATP Incubation Time

Tuesday, March 20, PM

Chair: TOMOYUKI, Onishi (13:00-14:20)

1A2-25 ATP Special Invited Lecture
(13:00) Development of hydroxyapatite ceramic bone graft substitute and column adsorbent for biomolecules. (Olympus Terumo Biomaterials Corp.) º TETSURO, Ogawa

1A2-29 ATP Invited Lecture
(13:40) Development of antibacterial artificial hip joint (AG-PROTEX) (KYOCERA Corp.) º FUMIAKI, Miyaji

1A2-32 ATP Incubation Time

Chair: MASARU, Tanaka (14:20-15:20)

1A2-33 ATP Keynote Lecture
(14:20) Next generation metallic implants (IBB, Tokyo Med. and Dental Univ.) º TAKAO, Hanawa

1A2-38 ATP Incubation Time

Chair: KEIGO, Aoi (15:20-16:30)

1A2-39 ATP Special Invited Lecture
(15:20) New biomimetic bone inductive material derived from cells (Grad. Sch. Dent. and Phar. Sci., Okayama Univ.) º TAKUYA, Matsumoto

1A2-43 ATP Invited Lecture
(16:00) Biocompatible Inorganic Materials for Dental Use (YAMAKIN CO., LTD.) º TAKESHI, Sakamoto

[Infrastructure technology to support the society]

Wednesday, March 21, AM

New trends in ecosystem biomimetics; toward the sustainable society


2A2-10 ATP Opening Remarks
(10:30) Introductory Remark (CIST) º SHIMOMURA, Masatsugu

Chair: KOBAYASHI, Motoyasu (10:40-11:30)

2A2-11 ATP Keynote Lecture
(10:40) Management technology for ecosystem services: Relationships between biomimetics and urban design (Grad. Sch. Environmental Studies, Tohoku Univ.) KOHSAKA, Ryo; º UCHIYAMA, Yuta

Chair: MITOMO, Hideyuki (11:30-12:40)

2A2-16 ATP Invited Lecture
(11:30) Biomimetics for Sustainable Urban Planning (Univ. of Tsukuba) º TANIGUCHI, Mamoru

2A2-19 ATP Invited Lecture
(12:00) Opal film for underlying strain or crack: application to infrastructure inspection technique. (PWRI) º HYAKUTAKE, Tsuyoshi

2A2-22 ATP Incubation Time

Wednesday, March 21, PM

Chair: FUJII, Syuji (13:30-14:50)

2A2-28 ATP Special Invited Lecture
(13:30) Icy Plume Particle Sample Return from the Ocean Worlds: Search for Evidences of the Second Genesis (JAXA) º YANO, Hajime

2A2-32 ATP Invited Lecture
(14:10) Inovations in electrotrophc ecosystems on deep-sea hydrothermal fields (JAMSTEC) º YAMAMOTO, Masahiro

2A2-35 ATP Incubation Time

Chair: HOZUMI, Atsushi (14:50-16:20)

2A2-36 ATP Invited Lecture
(14:50) Business & Biodiversity and Natural Capital Management, Contributing SDGs and Attracting ESG Investment (Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.) º FUJITA, Kaoru

2A2-39 ATP Invited Lecture
(15:20) Environmental Management in SHIMADZU CORPORATION proceeding through the visualization of biodiversity (Shimadzu Corp.) º OKANO, Masamichi; YASUI, Yoshihide

2A2-42 ATP Invited Lecture
(15:50) A new organization as biomimetics network Japan (SPSJ) º HIRASAKA, Masao


(16:20) Closing Remark (CIST) º SHIMOMURA, Masatsugu

Thursday, March 22, AM

Perspective of cellulose nanofibers by young researchers


3A2-05 ATP Opening Remarks
(09:40) Introduction of "Perspective of Cellulose Nanofibers by Young Researchers" (Osaka Univ.) º NOGI, Masaya

Chair: ERIYAMA, Yuichi (09:50-12:00)

3A2-06 ATP Keynote Lecture
(09:50) Fundamentals, applications, and tasks of cellulose nanofibers - focusing on AIST technology - (RISC, AIST) º ENDO, Takashi

3A2-11 ATP Special Invited Lecture
(10:40) Lignocellulosic nanofiber: its properties and potential (Grad. Sch. Bioresources., Mie Univ.) º NONAKA, Hiroshi; TAKAYANAGI, Koharu

3A2-15 ATP Invited Lecture
(11:20) Development of interfacial control technique for cellulose nanofibers (Kao Corp.) º YOSHIDA, Yutaka; YMATO, Kyohei; MUKAI, Kenta; SHIOMI, Hiroyuki; KUMAMOTO, Yoshiaki; ISOGAI, Akira

3A2-18 ATP Incubation Time

Thursday, March 22, PM

Chair: WATANABE, Eiji (13:00-16:40)

3A2-25 ATP Special Invited Lecture
(13:00) Nanocellulose-Metal Nanocomposite Paper for Molecular Conversion and Sensing (ISIR, Osaka Univ.) º KOGA, Hirotaka

3A2-29 ATP Invited Lecture
(13:40) Thermal conductive property of cellulose nanofiber films and its application (Coll. Sci., Rikkyo Univ.) º UETANI, Kojiro

3A2-32 ATP Invited Lecture
(14:10) Development of compounding and processing methods of cellulose nanofibers for life scientific applications (Grad. Sch. of Appl. Biol. Sci., Gifu Univ.) º MURASE, Rina; KITAMURA, Takeo; HASHIMOTO, Masayuki; TERAMOTO, Yoshikuni

3A2-35 ATP Incubation Time

3A2-36 ATP Special Invited Lecture
(14:50) - (FFPRI) º TANAKA, Reina

3A2-40 ATP Invited Lecture
(15:30) Characterization of esterified cellulose nanofibers (RISC, AIST) º IWAMOTO, Shinichiro

3A2-43 ATP Invited Lecture
(16:00) The unique characteristics and the applications of TEMPO oxidized cellulose nanofibers in aqueous (DKS Co. Ltd.) º TAWA, Takazumi

3A2-46 ATP Incubation Time