The 97th Annual Meeting of The Chemical Society of Japan

Date: March 16th - 19th, 2017

Venue: Hiyoshi Campus, Keio University, Yokohama, Japan

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Room S1

Fourth Building, Section B J11

[Sustainable and Functional Redox Chemistry]

Thursday, March 16, AM


1S1-01 Special Program Lecture
Opening Remarks (Sch. Mater. & Chem. Tech., Tokyo Tech.) º INAGI, Shinsuke

Chair: ATOBE, Mahito (09:35-10:50)

1S1-02 Special Program Lecture
Polymer Redox Chemistry toward Functional Materials (Sch. Mater. & Chem. Tech., Tokyo Tech.) º INAGI, Shinsuke

1S1-03 Special Program Lecture
Organic Redox Chemistry Enables Automated Solution-Phase Synthesis of Oligosaccharides (Grad. Sch. Eng., Tottori Univ.) º NOKAMI, Toshiki

1S1-04 Special Program Lecture
Redox Regulation of Functional Dyes and Their Applications to Optoelectronic Devices (Fac. Eng., Hiroshima Univ.) º OOYAMA, Yousuke

1S1-05 Special Program Lecture
Molecular Constructions Based on the Concerted Redox Chemistry of Electro-organic and Organometallic Reactions (Grad. Sch. Nat. Sci. Technol., Okayama Univ.) º MITSUDO, Koichi

Chair: SUGA, Seiji (10:50-11:50)

1S1-06 Special Program Lecture
C-H Functionalizations Based on Organic Redox Chemistry (Grad. Sch. Eng., Kyoto Univ.) º SHIMIZU, Akihiro

1S1-07 Special Program Lecture
Carbon-carbon bond formation based on redox chemistry (Grad. Sch. Eng., Osaka Univ.) º AMAYA, Toru

1S1-08 Special Program Lecture
Sustainable Molecular Transformation by Bioinspired Catalyst with Unique Redox Property (Grad. Sch. Eng., Kyushu Univ.) º SHIMAKOSHI, Hisashi

Chair: ITOH, Toshiyuki (11:50-12:30)

1S1-09 Special Program Lecture
Prospects for Organic Redox Chemistry (Grad. Sch. Eng., Kyoto Univ.) º YOSHIDA, Jun-ichi

[Frontiers in Artificial Photosynthesis 2017]

Thursday, March 16, PM


1S1-10 Medium and Long-Term Program Lecture
Opening remark (Grad. Sch. Urban Environmental Sci., TMU) º INOUE, Haruo

Chair: INAGAKKI, Shinji (13:40-14:05)

1S1-11 Medium and Long-Term Program Lecture
Recent investigation of light-harvesting processes in photosynthesis (Grad. Sch. Life Sci., Ritsumeikan Univ.) º TAMIAKI, Hitoshi

Chair: YAGI, Masayuki (14:05-14:30)

1S1-12 Medium and Long-Term Program Lecture
New development of water oxidation (Grad. Sch. Urban Environmental Sci., TMU) Fazalurahaman Kuttassery; Siby Mathew; Sebastian Nybin Remello; Arun Thomas; YAMAMOTO, Daisuke; ONUKI, Satomi; NABETANI, Yu; TACHIBANA, Hiroshi; º INOUE, Haruo

Chair: MAEDA, Kazuhiko (14:30-14:55)

1S1-13 Medium and Long-Term Program Lecture
Highly Efficient Hydrogen Production by Water Splitting using Visible Light Responsive Photocatalyst Materials (Fac. Sci., TUS) º KUDOH, Akihiko

Chair: MORIKAWA, Takeshi (14:55-15:20)

1S1-14 Medium and Long-Term Program Lecture
Visible-light CO2 Photoreduction (Sch. Sci., Tokyo Tech.) º ISHITANI, Osamu

Chair: INOUE, Haruo (15:30-15:55)

1S1-15 Medium and Long-Term Program Lecture
Artificial Photosynthesis of Ammonia (RIES, Hokkaido Univ.) º MISAWA, Hiroaki

Chair: INOUE, Haruo (15:55-16:20)

1S1-16 Medium and Long-Term Program Lecture
Mechanism of water-splitting by photosystem II using the energy of visible light (Grad. Sch. Nat. Sci. Technol., Okayama Univ.) º SHEN, Jian-ren

Chair: TAMIAKI, Hitoshi (16:20-16:45)

1S1-17 Medium and Long-Term Program Lecture
Excited State Molecular Dynamics of Natural and Artificial Photosynthesis (Sch. Sci. Tech., Kwansei Gakuin Univ.) º HASHIMOTO, Hideki

Chair: ISHITANI, Osamu (16:45-17:10)

1S1-18 Medium and Long-Term Program Lecture
Recent progress on artificial photosynthesis system based on semiconductor photocatalysts (Grad. Sch. Eng., Kyoto Univ.) º ABE, Ryu


1S1-19 Medium and Long-Term Program Lecture
Closing remark (Grad. Sch. Nat. Sci. Technol., Okayama Univ.) º SHEN, Jian-ren

[CSJ Journal Forum]

Saturday, March 18, AM


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[11th Chemical Heritage Public Lecture]

Saturday, March 18, PM


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[Transformative chemistry conducted by multiple extremes]

Sunday, March 19, AM


4S1-01 Special Program Lecture
Outline of the symposium (Fac. Sci., Okayama Univ.) º OHKUBO, Takahiro

Chair: OHKUBO, Takahiro (09:40-11:00)

4S1-02 Special Program Lecture
Control/Use of Reaction Nanospace in Metal-Organic Frameworks (Grad. Sch. Fac. Eng., Tokyo Univ. of Agri. and Technol.) º KONDO, Atsushi

4S1-03 Special Program Lecture
Hydrophobic effect in a variety of environments (Okayama Univ. RIIS; Fac. Sci., Okayama Univ.) º KOGA, Kenichiro

4S1-04 Special Program Lecture
Molecular Assembling Behavior on Biomimetic Surface under Electrical Perturbation (Grad. Sch. Eng., The Univ. of Tokyo) º ITOH, Yoshimitsu

4S1-05 Special Program Lecture
Self-organizations under various equilibrium/nonequilibrium reaction fields (Fac. Sci., Yamagata Univ.) º NABIKA, Hideki

Chair: OGURA, Taku (11:10-12:30)

4S1-06 Special Program Lecture
Stabilizing Water clusters in Supercritical CO2 by Molecular Assemblies Having Hydrocarbon Nano-domains (Grad. Sch. Sci. Tech., Hirosaki Univ.) º SAGISAKA, Masanobu; YOSHIZAWA, Atsushi; EASTOE, Julian

4S1-07 Special Program Lecture
Ultrafast dynamics of water at interfaces visualized by novel interface selective nonlinear spectroscopy (Molecular Spectroscopy Lab., RIKEN) º NIHONYANAGI, Satoshi

4S1-08 Special Program Lecture
Characterization of confined liquid between surfaces of various materials (IMRAM, Tohoku Univ.) º KASUYA, Motohiro

4S1-09 Special Program Lecture
In situ observation of electrochemical reactions at solid / liquid Interfaces by X-ray Techniques (AMCP, NIMS) º MASUDA, Takuya

[Molecular science based on single molecular chemistry]

Sunday, March 19, PM


4S1-10 Special Program Lecture
Introduction (ISIR, Osaka Univ.) º TANIGUCHI, Masateru

Chair: TANIGUCHI, Masateru (13:35-14:45)

4S1-11 Special Program Lecture
Atomic revel structural control and catalytic application of inorganic nanoparticles (I2CNER, Kyushu Univ.) º YAMAUCHI, Miho

4S1-12 Special Program Lecture
Simulation of functional device materials: From single molecule to topological insulating materials (CD-FMat, AIST) º NAKAMURA, Hisao

4S1-13 Special Program Lecture
Theoretical study on the robust control of single spin on single molecular junctions (MCES, Tokyo Tech.) º TADA, Tomofumi

Chair: TADA, Tomofumi (14:55-16:25)

4S1-14 Special Program Lecture
Creation of Single Crystalline Oxide Nanowires Based on Spatial Selectivity of Molecules, and thier applications to Non-volatile Memory and Molecule Sensors (IMCE, Kyushu Univ.) º YANAGIDA, Takeshi

4S1-15 Special Program Lecture
Real-space investigation of energy transfer between two molecules by single-molecule emission/absorption spectroscopy (RIKEN SISL) º KIM, Yousoo

4S1-16 Special Program Lecture
Single molecular memory (Grad. Sch. Sci., Eng., Tokyo Tech.) º KIGUCHI, Manabu

4S1-17 Special Program Lecture
Current rectification based on electric field induced deformations of molecular orbitals (Grad. Sch. Eng. Sci., Osaka Univ.) º YAMADA, Ryo; ALBRECHT, Ken; OHTO, Tatsuhiko; MINODE, Keigo; KIMIHISA, Yamamoto; HIROKAZU, Tada