The 96th Annual Meeting of The Chemical Society of Japan

Date: March 24th - 27th, 2016

Venue: Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan

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Room J3

Chishinkan3 Building 214

[Resource, Next Generation Energy and Environment]

Thursday, March 24, AM


1J3-07 ATP Opening Remarks
(10:00) Session Introduction (IRCHE, Kyushu Univ.) º SASAKI, Kazunari

Chair: SASAKI, Kazunari (10:10-11:10)

1J3-08 ATP Keynote Lecture
(10:10) The efforts toward the realization of the hydrogen society (ANRE, METI) º TOBE, Chihiro

1J3-13 ATP Incubation Time

Chair: DAIMON, Hideo (11:10-12:20)

1J3-14 ATP Special Invited Lecture
(11:10) Honda Fuel cell Vehicle Development and Toward Hydrogen Society (Honda R&D Co.,Ltd.) º MORIYA, Takashi

1J3-18 ATP Invited Lecture
(11:50) Current situations and issues of Hydrogen Production, storage and transportation, hydrogen refueling station technologies. (JX Nippon Oil & Energy Corp.) º NAKAMURA, Tsutomu

Thursday, March 24, PM

Chair: NAKAMURA, Tsutomu (13:20-14:40)

1J3-27 ATP Special Invited Lecture
(13:20) Advanced alkaline water electrolysis system for renewable hydrogen production (Asahi Kasei Corp.) º USUI, Taketoshi

1J3-31 ATP Invited Lecture
(14:00) Research and Development of High Efficiency Hydrogen Production Technology by Thermochemical Process (JAEA) º INAGAKI, Yoshiyuki

1J3-34 ATP Incubation Time

Chair: HORITA, Teruhisa (14:40-16:00)

1J3-35 ATP Special Invited Lecture
(14:40) Development of Highly Active Pt Core-Shell Catalyst (Fac. Sci. Eng., Doshisha Univ.) º DAIMON, Hideo; INABA, Minoru

1J3-39 ATP Invited Lecture
(15:20) Challenges and outlook for polymer electrolyte membrane for PEFC in the phase of commercialization (W.L.GORE & ASSOCIATES, Co., LTD.) º MATSUURA, Toyohiro

1J3-42 ATP Incubation Time

Chair: SASAKI, Kazunari (16:00-17:10)

1J3-43 ATP Special Invited Lecture
(16:00) Development of Large-Scale SOFC toward Realization of Hydrogen Society (Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems, Ltd.) º KITAGAWA, Yuuichirou

1J3-47 ATP Invited Lecture
(16:40) Research and Developments for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Technology (iECO, AIST) º HORITA, Teruhisa

Friday, March 25, AM


2J3-01 ATP Opening Remarks
(09:00) Opnening Remarks (IRC3, AIST) º SATO, Kazuhiko

Chair: TAKAYA, Hikaru (09:10-10:40)

2J3-02 ATP Keynote Lecture
(09:10) Intoroduction to Organosilicon Chemistry: From Basic Aspects to New Frontiers of π-Conjugated Silicon Compounds (RIKEN) º TAMAO, Kohei

2J3-07 ATP Invited Lecture
(10:00) New Products Developing by "Si" Materials (Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.) º SAKUTA, Koji

2J3-10 ATP Incubation Time

Chair: SEKO, Shinzo (10:40-11:50)

2J3-11 ATP Invited Lecture
(10:40) Development of a Novel Synthetic Method for Silanols (IRC3, AIST) º IGARASHI, Masayasu

2J3-14 ATP Special Invited Lecture
(11:10) Chemistry of Low-Coordinate Silicon Compounds (Div. of Chem., Fac. Pure Appl. Sci., Univ. of Tsukuba) º SEKIGUCHI, Akira

Friday, March 25, PM

Chair: SEKO, Shinzo (13:00-14:10)

2J3-25 ATP Invited Lecture
(13:00) Development of stronger glass materials (ASAHI GLASS CO., LTD.) º MURAYAMA, Suguru; NAKASHIMA, Tetsuya

2J3-28 ATP Invited Lecture
(13:30) Heterojunction crystallie Si solar cell with thin-film technology (KANEKA CORP.) º ADACHI, Daisuke; YAMAMOTO, Kenji

2J3-31 ATP Incubation Time

Chair: FUKAYA, Norihisa (14:10-16:30)

2J3-32 ATP Invited Lecture
(14:10) Development of Silicon Nanowire Array-Supported Pd Catalyst (RIKEN CSRS) º YAMADA, Yoichi M. A.

2J3-35 ATP Invited Lecture
(14:40) Characteristics of Ethyl Silicates and Their Applications (COLCOAT CO.,Ltd) º HASEGAWA, Minoru

2J3-38 ATP Incubation Time

2J3-39 ATP Invited Lecture
(15:20) Silicone's Contrubution to Industry and Society - Current Picture and the Future Vision (Dow Corning Toray Co., Ltd.) º SAKURAI, Eriko

2J3-42 ATP Special Invited Lecture
(15:50) Iron-catalyzed preparation of organosilicon compounds and silicones (IMCE, Kyushu Univ.) º NAGASHIMA, Hideo


(16:30) Closing Remarks (IRC3, AIST) º SATO, Kazuhiko

Saturday, March 26, PM


3J3-25 ATP Opening Remarks
(13:00) opening address of organizing commitee (Fac. Sci., Tokyo Univ. of Sci.) º KOMABA, Shinichi

Chair: KOMABA, Shinichi (13:10-14:40)

3J3-26 ATP Keynote Lecture
(13:10) Barriers against R&D activities: In the case of R&D on LIB (Nishi Yoshio Laboratories) º NISHI, Yoshio

3J3-31 ATP Special Invited Lecture
(14:00) Challenges to Realize the Next-Generation Lithium-Ion Batteries (Fac. Sci. Eng., Doshisha Univ.) º INABA, Minoru

Chair: ABE, Ryu (14:40-16:00)

3J3-35 ATP Special Invited Lecture
(14:40) operando Analyses of battery Reactions and the Design of High Rate Capability Cathode (Grad. Sch. Human and Environ. Stud., Kyoto Univ.) º UCHIMOTO, Yoshiharu

3J3-39 ATP Special Invited Lecture
(15:20) All-Solid-State Lithium Secondary Batteries Using Inorganic Glass-Based Electrolytes (Grad. Sch. Eng., Osaka Pref. Univ.) º TATSUMISAGO, Masahiro; HAYASHI, Akitoshi

Chair: KOMABA, Shinichi (16:00-16:40)

3J3-43 ATP Special Invited Lecture
(16:00) An aqueous type lithium air rechargeable battery and the materials development (Grad. Sch. Eng., Mie Univ.) º IMANISHI, Nobuyuki


(16:40) Closing address of organizing commitee (Fac. Sci., Tokyo Univ. of Sci.) º KOMABA, Shinichi