The 95th Annual Meeting of The Chemical Society of Japan

Date: March 26th - 29th, 2015

Venue: Funabashi Campus, College of Science and Technology, Nihon University / School of Pharmacy, Nihon University, Chiba, Japan

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Room S3

Bldg.14 1421

[Current state and Perspective of Nano Scale Molecular Devices]

Thursday, March 26, AM

Chair: KIGUCHI, Manabu (09:30-10:50)

1S3-01 Special Program Lecture
Thermoelectric Power in Nanojunctions (ISIR, Osaka Univ.) º TANIGUCHI, Masateru

1S3-02 Special Program Lecture
Syntheses and Properties of Functionalized Insulated Molecular Wires (Grad. Sch. Eng., Kyoto Univ.) º JUN, Terao

1S3-03 Special Program Lecture
Single-molecule luminescence spectroscopy with STM and spectral analysis (RIKEN Surface and Interface Science Laboratory) º KIM, Yousoo; IMADA, Hiroshi; IMAI, Miyabi; SHIMIZU, Tomoko; KAWAI, Maki

1S3-04 Special Program Lecture
Development of pi-Conjugated Systems towards Molecular Architectonics (ISIR, Osaka Univ.) º IE, Yutaka

Chair: TANIGUCHI, Masateru (11:10-12:30)

1S3-05 Special Program Lecture
Design of functional device via ab initio nonequilbrium transport simulation: From molecule to metal-oxide materials (NRI, AIST) º NAKAMURA, Hisao

1S3-06 Special Program Lecture
Single molecular device using STM (Grad. Sch. Sci., Eng., Tokyo Tech) º KIGUCHI, Manabu

1S3-07 Special Program Lecture
Ab initio calculations for quantum transport of pi-stacking molecular junctions (MCES, Tokyo Tech) º TADA, Tomofumi

1S3-08 Special Program Lecture
Preparation of tunneling junctions via organic monolayers and their application (Grad. Sch. Eng. Sci., Osaka Univ.) º YAMADA, Ryo; YAMAGUCHI, Mariko; OHTO, Tatsuhiko; TADA, Hirokazu

[New Trend in Low-dimensional Nanothermoelectrics]

Thursday, March 26, PM


1S3-09 Medium and Long-Term Program Lecture
Introduction (Grad. Sch. Eng., Nagoya Univ.) º KOUMOTO, Kunihito

Chair: KOUMOTO, Kunihito (13:40-15:10)

1S3-10 Medium and Long-Term Program Lecture
Challenge to thermoelectric application (UBIQEN, AIST) º FUNAHASHI, Ryoji

1S3-11 Medium and Long-Term Program Lecture
Utilizing nanosheets and building defects of layered inorganic materials for enhanced thermoelectric performance (MANA, NIMS) º MORI, Takao

1S3-12 Medium and Long-Term Program Lecture
Impact of 2.5 Dimensionality on Thermal Conduction in Layered Thermoelectric Oxides (Grad. Sch. Eng., Osaka Univ.) º YOSHIYA, Masato; FUJII, Sususmu; KANAYAMA, Daisuke; MIYAUCHI, Yohei; TADA, Masahiro; NAGIRA, Tomoya; YASUDA, Hideyuki

Chair: FUNAHASHI, Ryoji (15:20-16:50)

1S3-13 Medium and Long-Term Program Lecture
TiS2-based inorganic/organic superlattices for low temperature thermoelectric energy conversion (Grad. Sch. Eng., Nagoya Univ.) º WAN, Chunlei

1S3-14 Medium and Long-Term Program Lecture
Recent Progress in Hybrid Organic Thermoelectric Materials (Tokyo Univ. of Sci., Yamaguchi) º TOSHIMA, Naoki

1S3-15 Medium and Long-Term Program Lecture
Nanostructure and Thermoelectric Property of PEDOT:PSS Film (NRI, AIST) º ISHIDA, Takao; MUKAIDA, Masaichi; WEI, Qingshou; KIRIHARA, Kazuhiro; NAITOH, Yasuhisa

[Challenges to solve environmental and energy issues based on Elements Strategy Initiative]

Friday, March 27, AM


2S3-01 Medium and Long-Term Program Lecture
Opening Remarks (Grad. Sch. Eng., The Univ. of Tokyo) º NOZAKI, Kyoko

Chair: NOZAKI, Kyoko (10:05-11:05)

2S3-02 Medium and Long-Term Program Lecture
How can we challenge to the climate change of chemical industry by innovative chemistry and science? (MCRC) º SETOYAMA, Toru

2S3-03 Medium and Long-Term Program Lecture
Electrochemical application of boron-doped diamond electrodes (Fac. Sci. Tech., Keio Univ.; CREST, JST; ACCEL, JST) º EINAGA, Yasuaki

Chair: KITAGAWA, Hiroshi (11:05-12:05)

2S3-04 Medium and Long-Term Program Lecture
New Trend in Sodium-Ion Battery (IMCE, Kyushu Univ.) º OKADA, Shigeto

2S3-05 Medium and Long-Term Program Lecture
Electrode Reactions and Basic Property of Lithium Peroxide Batteries - A New Battery System for High Energy Density - (Grad. Sch. Eng., The Univ. of Tokyo) º HIBINO, Mitsuhiro; MIZUNO, Noritaka


2S3-06 Medium and Long-Term Program Lecture
Closing Remarks (Kyoto Univ. ) º KITAGAWA, Hiroshi

[Cutting-edge researches of small molecule transformation: Energy innovation by metal complex and semiconductor photocatalysts]

Friday, March 27, PM


2S3-07 Medium and Long-Term Program Lecture
Introductory remarks (Grad. Sch. Sci., Tohoku Univ.) º YAMASHITA, Masahiro

Chair: CHANG, Ho-chol (13:35-15:25)

2S3-08 Medium and Long-Term Program Lecture
Water Oxidation Catalyzed by Multinuclear Metal Complexes (IMS LCCMS) º MASAOKA, Shigeyuki

2S3-09 Medium and Long-Term Program Lecture
Interconversion between CO2 and formic acid for hydrogen storage (AIST Energy Technology Research Institute) º HIMEDA, Yuichiro

2S3-10 Medium and Long-Term Program Lecture
Photocatalysis of hybrid photocatalysts of metal-complex and semiconductor for CO2 reduction (Grad. Sch. Sci., Eng., Tokyo Tech) º ISHITANI, Osamu

Chair: YAMAUCHI, Miho (15:40-17:30)

2S3-11 Medium and Long-Term Program Lecture
Reduction of CO2 at Boron-Doped Diamond (Fac. Sci. Technol., Tokyo Univ. of Sci.) º NAKATA, Kazuya

2S3-12 Medium and Long-Term Program Lecture
Energy Innovation Based on Hydrogen Activation (Grad. Sch. Eng., Kyushu Univ.) º OGO, Seiji

2S3-13 Medium and Long-Term Program Lecture
Dinitrogen Activation by Multimetallic Titanium Polyhydrides (RIKEN) º HOU, Zhaomin

[The Chemical Record Lecture 2015]

Saturday, March 28, AM


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[Symposium on Environment and Safety - Laboratory Safety and Safety Education -]

Saturday, March 28, PM


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[Advances in locally-energetic nano-reaction field in liquid]

Sunday, March 29, AM


4S3-01 Special Program Lecture
opening address (Grad. Sch. Arts and Sci., The Univ. of Tokyo) º FUMITAKA, Mafune

Chair: KAJIMOTO, Shinji (09:35-10:25)

4S3-02 Special Program Lecture
Preparation of Organic nanoparticles and their potential applicatons (Fac. Eng., Ehime Univ.) º TSUYOSHI, Asahi

4S3-03 Special Program Lecture
Preparation and Optical Properties of Functionalized Inorganic Nanoparticle Prepared by Laser Ablation in Liquid (Interdisciplinary Grad. Sch. Sci. and Eng., Tokyo Tech) º HIROYUKI, Wada

Chair: KOSHIZAKI, Naoto (10:40-12:20)

4S3-04 Special Program Lecture
Control of the agglomeration-fusion process of nanoparticles using laser irradiation in liquids (Grad. Sch. Fac. Sci. Eng., Shimane Univ.; IMCE, Kyushu Univ.; NRI, AIST; Grad. Fac. Eng., Hokkaido Univ.) º TSUJI, Takeshi; TAKADE, Isami; HIGASHI, Yuuma; TSUJI, Masaharu; ISHIKAWA, Yoshie; KOSHIZAKI, Naoto

4S3-05 Special Program Lecture
Improvement in Sensitivity of Underwater Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy by the Control of Plasma (Grad. Sch. Eng., Kyoto Univ.) º TETSUO, Sakka

4S3-06 Special Program Lecture
Thermo-plasmonic properties exhibited by gold nanoparticles (The Univ. of Tokushima) º SHUICHI, Hashimoto

4S3-07 Special Program Lecture
Biological Application of Laser Ablation in Liquid (Genesis Research Institute, Inc. East Tokyo Laboratory) º YOSHIHIRO, Takeda

[Creation of precise organic synthesis and functional materials based on molecular space]

Sunday, March 29, PM


4S3-08 Special Program Lecture
Opening Remarks (Grad. Sch. Fish. Sci. Env. Studies, Nagasaki Univ.) º SHIRAKAWA, Seiji

Chair: OGOSHI, Tomoki (13:35-14:35)

4S3-09 Special Program Lecture
Macroscopic Self-Assembly and Self-healing through Molecular Recognition (Grad. Sch. Sci., Osaka Univ.) º HARADA, Akira

4S3-10 Special Program Lecture
Supramolecular Assemblies Comprising Charged π-Electronic Systems (Coll. Pharm. Sci., Ritsumeikan Univ.) º MAEDA, Hiromitsu

Chair: IMAHORI, Tatsushi (14:35-15:35)

4S3-11 Special Program Lecture
Development of Cooperative Asymmetric Catalysts for Efficient Synthesis of Therapeutics (Microbial Chemistry Research Foundation Institute of Microbial Chemistry) º KUMAGAI, Naoya

4S3-12 Special Program Lecture
Molecular Design of Organic Ion Pairs for Asymmetric Catalysis (Nagoya Univ. Institute of Transformative Bio-Molecules) º OOI, Takashi

Chair: MURASE, Takashi (15:35-16:30)

4S3-13 Special Program Lecture
Specific molecular recognition, trapping and conversion in the nanospace of metal complexes (iCeMS, Kyoto Univ.) º MATSUDA, Ryotaro

4S3-14 Special Program Lecture
Functionalization of crystalline nano-cavities with flexible peptide metallo-macrocycles (Grad. Sch. Human. Sci., Ochanomizu Univ.) º MIYAKE, Ryosuke