The 100th Annual Meeting of The Chemical Society of Japan

Date: March 22nd - 25th, 2020

Venue: Noda Campus, Tokyo University of Science, Chiba, Japan

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Room A1

Lecture Hall Bldg. K101

[Chemistry for future energy]

Sunday, March 22, AM

Scientific principle of green hydrogen production and utilization


1A1-05 Opening Remarks / Closing Remarks
(09:40) Explanation of purpose by organizer (RCPV, AIST) º SAYAMA, Kazuhiro

Chair: SUNADA, Yusuke (09:50-11:00)

1A1-06 ATP Special Invited Lecture
(09:50) Development of catalytic process for synthesis and decomposition of ammonia as an energy carrier (Grad. Sch. Eng., Nagoya Univ.) º NAGAOKA, Katsutoshi

1A1-10 ATP Invited Lecture
(10:30) Hydrogen generation of ammonia electrolysis with high efficiency at high current density (Sch. Advanced Sci. Eng., Waseda Univ.) º HANADA, Nobuko


1A1-13 ATP Incubation Time

Chair: SAYAMA, Kazuhiro (11:10-12:00)

1A1-14 ATP Keynote Lecture
(11:10) Scope and expectation for "Hydrogen Society" (Coll. Sci. Tech., Nihon Univ.) º NISHIMIYA, Nobuyuki

Sunday, March 22, PM

Chair: IKEDA, Sigeru (13:10-14:20)

1A1-26 ATP Special Invited Lecture
(13:10) Development of High-pressure Hydrogen Production from Formic Acid (RCPT, AIST) º KAWANAMI, Hajime

1A1-30 ATP Invited Lecture
(13:50) Photocatalytic water splitting over non-oxide semiconductor materials under visible light (OCARINA) º HIGASHI, Masanobu


1A1-33 ATP Incubation Time

Chair: AMAO, Yutaka (14:30-16:20)

1A1-34 ATP Special Invited Lecture
(14:30) Nano-engineering of metal catalysts for the interconversion of formic acid/CO2 (Grad. Sch. Eng., Osaka Univ.; ESICB Kyoto Univ.) º MORI, Kosuke

1A1-38 ATP Invited Lecture
(15:10) Investigation and Design of CO Preferential Oxidation Catalyst for Fuel Cell System Based on Operando Spectroscopy (ESICB, Kyoto Univ.) º SATO, Katsutoshi

1A1-41 ATP Special Invited Lecture
(15:40) Highly efficient hydrogen production by supported alloy catalysts (Grad. Sch. Urban Envr. Sci., TMU) º SHISHIDO, Tetsuya


1A1-45 ATP Incubation Time

Chair: AMAO, Yutaka (16:30-17:20)

1A1-46 ATP Keynote Lecture
(16:30) Recent trends on green hydrogen production, transportation/storage, and utilization (Grad. Sch. Advanced Sci. Eng., Waseda Univ.) º SEKINE, Yasushi


(17:20) Closing Remarks (OCARINA) º AMAO, Yutaka

Monday, March 23, AM

Technologies for utilizing green hydrogen: Focusing on the Tokyo 2020 Games


2A1-07 Opening Remarks / Closing Remarks
(10:00) Introduction by organizer (GHRC, Yokohama Natl. Univ.) º OTA, Ken-ichiro

Chair: OTA, Ken-ichiro (10:10-11:00)

2A1-08 ATP Keynote Lecture
(10:10) Japan's actions toward hydrogen society (ANRE, METI) º SHIRAI, Toshiyuki


2A1-13 ATP Incubation Time

Chair: OTA, Ken-ichiro (11:10-11:50)

2A1-14 ATP Special Invited Lecture
(11:10) Current status and issues on hydrogen energy and fuel cells (IRCHE, Kyushu Univ.) º SASAKI, Kazunari


2A1-18 ATP Incubation Time

Monday, March 23, PM

Chair: SATOU, Junichi (13:00-14:10)

2A1-25 ATP Special Invited Lecture
(13:00) Activities of FREA for the future hydrogen society (RENRC, AIST) º FURUTANI, Hirohide

2A1-29 ATP Invited Lecture
(13:40) Green hydrogen production by alkaline water electrolysis system (Asahi Kasei Corp.) º USUI, Taketoshi


2A1-32 ATP Incubation Time

Chair: FURUTANI, Hirohide (14:20-15:40)

2A1-33 ATP Special Invited Lecture
(14:20) Characteristics and Outlook of the Toyota Fuel Cell Bus (Toyota Motor Corp.) º KAGAWA, Takuya

2A1-37 ATP Special Invited Lecture
(15:00) Honda Fuel Cell vehicle Development and Toward the Hydrogen Society (Honda R&D Co.,Ltd.) º MORIYA, Takashi


2A1-41 ATP Incubation Time

Chair: AMAO, Yutaka (15:50-16:50)

2A1-42 ATP Invited Lecture
(15:50) Fuel Cell (FC) Forklift Truck Development Status (Toyota Industries Corp.) º YOSHIKAWA, Koji

2A1-45 ATP Invited Lecture
(16:20) New Energy Systems Utilizing Hydrogen Derived from Renewable Energy (Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corp.) º SATOU, Junichi


(16:50) Closing remark (GHRC, Yokohama Natl. Univ.) º OTA, Ken-ichiro