The 100th Annual Meeting of The Chemical Society of Japan

Date: March 22nd - 25th, 2020

Venue: Noda Campus, Tokyo University of Science, Chiba, Japan

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Room S9

Bldg. 7 Auditorium

[CSJ Award Presentation]

Sunday, March 22, AM

Chair: OHKUMA, Takeshi (10:30-11:30)

1S9-01 CSJ Award Presentation#
Development of New Synthetic Reactions Directing Towards Sustainability (Grad. Sch. Eng., Kyoto Univ.) º MURAKAMI, Masahiro

Sunday, March 22, PM

Chair: WATANABE, Yoshito (14:30-15:30)

1S9-02 CSJ Award Presentation#
Nano-Science of Advanced Metal Complexes Based on Nonlinearity and Quantum Effect: Who is the greatest among Nomo, Ichiro and Ohtani ? (AIMR, Tohoku Univ.) º YAMASHITA, Masahiro

[Ceremony / 100th Anniversary of CSJ Annual Meeting]

Monday, March 23, PM


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[CSJ Award Presentation]

Tuesday, March 24, AM

Chair: KATAYAMA, Yoshiki (10:30-11:30)

3S9-01 CSJ Award Presentation#
Creative Science for Array, Space, and Motion based on the Precise Design of Supramolecular Metal Complexes (Grad. Sch. Sci., The Univ. of Tokyo) º SHIONOYA, Mitsuhiko

Tuesday, March 24, PM

Chair: MARUOKA, Keiji (14:30-15:30)

3S9-02 CSJ Award Presentation#
Development of Methods for Molecular Construction through Direct C-H Bond Transformation (Grad. Sch. Eng., Osaka Univ.) º MIURA, Masahiro

Wednesday, March 25, AM

Chair: NOMURA, Kotohiro (10:30-11:30)

4S9-01 CSJ Award Presentation#
Activation of Polar Small Molecules and Synthesis of Their Polymers based on Rational Design of Catalyst (Grad. Sch. Eng., The Univ. of Tokyo) º NOZAKI, Kyoko