The 100th Annual Meeting of The Chemical Society of Japan

Date: March 22nd - 25th, 2020

Venue: Noda Campus, Tokyo University of Science, Chiba, Japan

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Room S7

Lecture Hall Bldg. K704

[Latest Developments in Cell Analysis]

Sunday, March 22, AM


1S7-01 Special Program Lecture
Introduction (Grad. Sch. Sci. Tech., Gunma Univ.) º SATO, Kiichi

Chair: SATO, Kiichi (09:35-10:50)

1S7-02 Special Program Lecture
Manipulating living systems by light (Grad. Sch. Arts and Sci., The Univ. of Tokyo) º SATO, Moritoshi

1S7-03 Special Program Lecture
Electrochemical devices for analysis and biofabrication of 3D cultured cells (Grad. Sch. Eng., Tohoku Univ.) º INO, Kosuke

1S7-04 Special Program Lecture
Design and creation of photo-responsive cell immobilization reagents (RCAST, The Univ. of Tokyo) º YAMAGUCHI, Satoshi

Chair: SATO, Kae (11:00-12:25)

1S7-05 Special Program Lecture
The use of 3D cell culture technology to model the tissue microenvironment and its applications in studying disease (Grad. Sch. Dent. and Phar. Sci., Okayama Univ.) º TANAKA, Hiroyoshi; KANO, Mitsunobu

1S7-06 Special Program Lecture
Cell-based assays integrated in "Body on a Chip" platform (WPI-iCeMS, Kyoto Univ.) º KAMEI, Ken-ichiro

1S7-07 Special Program Lecture
Development of pressure-driven microphysiological systems (BRD, AIST) º SUGIURA, Shinji

1S7-08 Special Program Lecture
Microfluidic commercial products for biotechnology industry (Inst. Micro. Tech. Co., Ltd.) º TAZAWA, Hidekatsu


1S7-09 Special Program Lecture
Conclusions (Fac. of Sci., JWU) º SATO, Kae

[Innovation of Energy Storage Devices through Sustainable Functional-Redox Chemistry]

Sunday, March 22, PM


1S7-10 Special Program Lecture
Opening Remarks (Grad. Sch. Eng., Tottori Univ.) º NOKAMI, Toshiki

Chair: SHIMAKOSHI, Hisashi (13:35-14:00)

1S7-11 Special Program Lecture
Interfacial design of the electrocatalyst for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell showing high activity. (Grad. Sch. Eng., Kyushu Univ.) º FUJIGAYA, Tsuyohiko

Chair: INAGI, Shinsuke (14:00-14:25)

1S7-12 Special Program Lecture
Energy devices utilizing biofunctions (Div. of Chem., Fac. Pure Appl. Sci., Univ. of Tsukuba) º TSUJIMURA, Seiya

Chair: NOKAMI, Toshiki (14:25-14:50)

1S7-13 Special Program Lecture
Rutile TiO2 Negative Electrodes for Na-Ion Batteries (Grad. Sch. Eng., Tottori Univ.) º USUI, Hiroyuki

Chair: AMAYA, Toru (15:00-15:25)

1S7-14 Special Program Lecture
Development of Secondary Batteries Based on Organic Redox Chemistry (Grad. Sch. Eng. Sci., Osaka Univ.) º SHIMIZU, Akihiro

Chair: MITSUDO, Koichi (15:25-15:50)

1S7-15 Special Program Lecture
Development of electron storage behavior of molecules and molecule-integrated systems (Sch. Sci. Tech., Kwansei Gakuin Univ.) º YOSHIKAWA, Hirofumi

Chair: INATOMI, Yuu (15:50-16:25)

1S7-16 Special Program Lecture
Next Generation Li-S Battery Using Ionic Liquid Electrolytes (Grad. Fac. Eng., Yokohama Natl. Univ.) º WATANABE, Masayoshi


1S7-17 Special Program Lecture
Closing Remarks (Panasonic Corp.) º INATOMI, Yuu

[The science of Molecular Engine for Chemists, Physicists, and Biologists]

Monday, March 23, AM


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[Nanosheet: Coordination Chemistry with 2D Structure]

Monday, March 23, PM

Chair: CHANG, Hochol (13:30-15:20)

2S7-01 Medium and Long-Term Program Lecture
Development of Graphene Oxide Hybrids (Fac. Adv. Sci. Tech., Kumamoto Univ.) º HAYAMI, Shinya

2S7-02 Medium and Long-Term Program Lecture
Optoelectronic devices based on van der Waals heterostructures (NUS) º EDA, Goki

2S7-03 Medium and Long-Term Program Lecture
TMD-based two-dimensional heterostructures (Grad. Sch. Sci., Nagoya Univ.) º KITAURA, Ryo

Chair: MIYASAKA, Hitoshi (15:30-17:30)

2S7-04 Medium and Long-Term Program Lecture
Post-graphene technology based on 2D oxides (IMaSS, Nagoya Univ.; MANA, NIMS) º OSADA, Minoru

2S7-05 Medium and Long-Term Program Lecture
Air/liquid interfacial synthesis of porous metal complex nanosheets : Morphology tuning and creation of new functions (Grad. Sch. Eng., Osaka Pref. Univ.) º MAKIURA, Rie

2S7-06 Medium and Long-Term Program Lecture
Bottom-up Synthesis of Graphene Nanoribbons: Precursor Design and Structural Control (Max Planck Inst. for Polymer Res.; OIST) º NARITA, Akimitsu

[TIA collaborative research program [Kakehashi] Quantum Reaction Symposium]

Tuesday, March 24, AM


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[New paradigm of molecular systems chemistry]

Tuesday, March 24, PM


3S7-01 Medium and Long-Term Program Lecture
Introduction: Frontiers in chemistry of the next-generation molecular systems (IMRAM, Tohoku Univ.) º TAKAHASHI, Satoshi; YOSHIZAWA, Michito; KITAO, Akio; HAYASHI, Shigehiko

Chair: KITAO, Akio (13:40-14:30)

3S7-02 Medium and Long-Term Program Lecture
Toward theoretical design of functional protein systems (Grad. Sch. Arts and Sci., The Univ. of Tokyo) º ARAI, Munehito

3S7-03 Medium and Long-Term Program Lecture
Combining first-principle calculations and chemical kinetics: Toward the prediction of the performance of heterogeneous catalyst systems (GREEN, NIMS) º ISHIKAWA, Atsushi

Chair: YOSHIZAWA, Michito (14:40-15:55)

3S7-04 Medium and Long-Term Program Lecture
Biological system provides a design guide of novel functional material: Multi-functionality achieved in inhomogeneous medium (Grad. Sch. Sci., Tohoku Univ.) º KONDO, Toru

3S7-05 Medium and Long-Term Program Lecture
Design of pi-conjugated monomers and polymers and their assemblies (RCFM, NIMS) º TAKEUCHI, Masayuki

3S7-06 Medium and Long-Term Program Lecture
Driving forces for LCST-type polymer collapse (Fac. Textile Sci. Technol., Shinshu Univ.) º MOCHIZUKI, Kenji

Chair: TAKAHASHI, Satoshi (16:05-17:20)

3S7-07 Medium and Long-Term Program Lecture
Reconstitution of the cell motility and division machineries from minimum molecular components (Hakubi Center, Kyoto Univ.) º MIYAZAKI, Makito

3S7-08 Medium and Long-Term Program Lecture
Entropy-Driven Self-Assembly of Soft Materials (Fac. Sci. Tech., Keio Univ.) º ASAI, Makoto

3S7-09 Medium and Long-Term Program Lecture
Development of Stimuli-Responsive Nanocapsules (Lab. Chem. Life Sci., Tokyo Tech.) º YOSHIZAWA, Michito


3S7-10 Medium and Long-Term Program Lecture
Discussion (Sch. Life Sci. Tech., Tokyo Tech.) º KITAO, Akio

[Frontiers in Analytical Methods for Nanostructures and Properties]

Wednesday, March 25, AM


4S7-01 Special Program Lecture
Opening Address (MANA, NIMS) º IDE, Yusuke

Chair: SUZUKI, Yasutaka (09:35-11:00)

4S7-02 Special Program Lecture
Fingerprint of powder samples: Energy-resolved distribution of electron traps in metal oxides (Inst. for Cat., Hokkaido Univ.) º OHTANI, Bunsho

4S7-03 Special Program Lecture
Visualization of buried interfaces in ultra thin films by X-rays (AMCP, NIMS) º SAKURAI, Kenji

4S7-04 Special Program Lecture
Single-molecule near field spectroscopy using scanning tunneling microscopy (RIKEN CPR) º IMADA, Hiroshi

Chair: FUJIMURA, Takuya (11:05-12:30)

4S7-05 Special Program Lecture
Structural characterization of mesoporous films (R&D Headquarters, Canon Inc.) º MIYATA, Hirokatsu; KURODA, Kazuyuki

4S7-06 Special Program Lecture
Structural analysis of nanomaterials by X-ray pair distribution functions (MANA, NIMS) º TOMINAKA, Satoshi

4S7-07 Special Program Lecture
Analyses of stacking sequences in phyllosilicates (Grad. Sch. Sci., The Univ. of Tokyo) º KOGURE, Toshihiro

[Chiroptical Properties Based on Precisely Controlled Chiral Space: from Science to Technology]

Wednesday, March 25, PM


4S7-08 Special Program Lecture
Chiroptical Properties of structurally finely designed chiral molecules (Fac. Sci., TMU) º SUGIURA, Ken-ichi

Chair: NISHIKAWA, Hiroyuki (13:35-15:15)

4S7-09 Special Program Lecture
Synthesis and Properties of Oligonaphthalenes with a Helical Arrangement of Fluorescent Fragments (Grad. Sch. Life and Env. Sci., Kyoto Pref. Univ.) º TSUBAKI, Kazunori

4S7-10 Special Program Lecture
Chiroptical Properties of chiral molecules having D2 point group (Fac. Sci., TMU) º SUGIURA, Ken-ichi

4S7-11 Special Program Lecture
Synthesis of Helical Conjugated Polymers in External Perturbation-Responsive Chiral Liquid Crystal Field and Their Circularly Polarized Luminescence (Res. Org. Sci. Tech., Ritsumeikan Univ.) º AKAGI, Kazuo

4S7-12 Special Program Lecture
Constructions of Optically Active Second-ordered Structures and the Chiroptical Properties Based on Planar Chiral [2.2]Paracyclophanes (Sch. Sci. Tech., Kwansei Gakuin Univ.) º MORISAKI, Yasuhiro

Chair: HASEGAWA, Masashi (15:15-16:30)

4S7-13 Special Program Lecture
Circularly polarized luminescence (CPL) and magnetic circularly polarized luminescence (MCPL) from solid-state luminophore (Fac. Sci. Eng., Kindai Univ.) º IMAI, Yoshitane

4S7-14 Special Program Lecture
Innovative Circular Dichroism and Circularly Polarized Luminescence Measurement Methods (JASCO Co.) º KONDO, Yoshiro

4S7-15 Special Program Lecture
Switching of the handedness of circularly polarized luminescence based on the helix inversion of polymer backbones (Grad. Sch. Eng., Kyoto Univ.) º NAGATA, Yuuya