Overview of the Application

The overview of the application of 100th Annual Meeting (2020) is in below. This overview is reviewed every year, so you need to check the overview each year.

1. Points for the Application of the Presentation

1.1 Application Period

November 7th - 28th, 2019
*You can edit your presentation's information after the application in your meeting's MYPAGE which you can login to by using the ID and the password (November 29th, 2019, 18:00).
*Changes of information (such as the title) will not be allowed after the application deadline.

1.2 How to Apply

Register from the web site of the Annual Meeting of CSJ(https://nenkai.csj.jp/Lecture/request/).
If you can't use registration form, please contact the Event Organization. Since we may not be able to cope with it after the deadline, please contact us as soon as possible.

1.3 Confirm the Completement of the Application

You will receive the ID and the password to login to your meeting's MYPAGE if you complete the application. The presentation information you registered will be sent to the e-mail address you register. Please check whether you complete the registration successfully in your meeting's MYPAGE. If you can not login to your meeting's MYPAGE or check your presentation information, please contact us by E-mail certainly by November 29th. Since we may not be able to cope with it after the deadline, please contact us as soon as possible.

1.4 Decision of Adoption

Decision of adoption and program information - the style of presentation("Oral A", "Oral B", "Poster" and "ATP Poster") and section and date and time of your presentation - will be set by Event Organization. *There may be different with your hope.
Since the program will be set in mid Dec., please make sure that you can be contacted from Event Organization in mid Dec..

1.5 Notification of Presentation No.

Your presentation No. will be sent to your e-mail address you registered around mid Dec. after the program is set. If it will not be received, please contact us by E-mail from Jan. 6th to 9th, 2020.

1.6 Cancel of your Application

If you cancel your application, not only interfere with the program organization, also takes trouble to the front and rear speakers. If there is internal review, proceed with procedures and apply to the presentation after obtaining permission. If you are a student, apply after confirmation of your research supervisor.

1.7 Publication of the Presentation

Information of your presentation, except for the part about contacts, will be published in following form and databases. Changes of presentation's information will be announced in web site of annual meeting.

  • Program including web program - February 14th, 2020
  • Database of Chemists - after the event
  • JST JDreamIII - after the event

1.8 Patent

To take advantage of the grace period pursuant to Section 30(1) of Japanese Patent Law (exceptions to lack of novelty of invention), a certificate issued by an academic society is not necessary since the law was revised in 2011. For more information, please refer to the Japan Patent Office's website. https://www.jpo.go.jp/e/faq/yokuaru/hatumei_reigai.html
If a certificate issued by CSJ is needed for other reasons, you can apply for it by mail. For more information, please refer to this webpage (only available in Japanese): http://www.chemistry.or.jp/application/certificate/research.html.

1.9 Copyright

Copyright on the contents written in collection of papers belongs to CSJ and it therefore will be reprinted if it is considered necessary. When there is a request of the applicant from outside, reference to it would be allowed after considering.

1.10 Awards

In this annual meeting, we have three awards in total. Two awards, CSJ Student Presentation Award and CSJ Presentation Award, for Oral B presentation and one award, CSJ Presentation Award for Industries, for ATP Poster presentation. Click here to check the information.


2 About Presentation

2.1 Conditions of Presentation and Speaker.

Classification Presentation Speaker
Academic Program(AP) Presentation is limited to the unpublished. Applicant and speaker is limited to member of the CSJ. You can apply only one presentation.
Advanced Technology Program(ATP) Presentation is NOT limited to the unpublished. You can apply for the presentation which is already published and commercialized. You can apply for the ATP poster with the same content and AP presentation. For lively discussion, please indicate the specific compound name or structure as much as possible. Applicant and speaker is NOT limited to member of the CSJ. *If you wish to nominate for CSJ Presentation Award for Industries, you must be a member.

* If you are not a member yet, complete your admission procedures from the web site of CSJ (http://www.chemistry.or.jp/en/).
* Collaborator is NOT limited to member of the CSJ.
* All the people who wish attend to this annual meeting must make a registration, regardless of your position (registrant, speaker, or collaborator.)

2.2 Style and Time of Presentation

Classification Style Time
Academic Program(AP) Oral A 10 min - 7 min for presentation, 2 min for Qs and As, 1 min for switching
Oral B*1 20 min - 15 min for presentation, 4 min for Qs and As, 1 min for switching
Poster 45 min
Advabced Technology Program(ATP)*2 ATP Poster 90 min

*1 Speaker must be a regular member or a student member who is at the second half stage of doctor's course if the style of presentation is Oral B.
*2 You can apply for the ATP poster with the same content and AP presentation.

2.3 Language of Presentation

Japanese or English.

2.4 Presentation Materials

Please create slides (presentation materials) in english as possible.

2.5 Equipments for Presentation

Oral Presentation
Liquid-crystal projector will be prepared for the presentation. Bring your own PC and power supply adapter. In case of any trouble, bring a back-up file in USB thumb drive. Be sure that the drive is antivirus and don't forget to check the compatible with OS.
Poster Board - planed size:210 centimeters by 90 centimeters - thumbtacks, both to be used for posting, will be prepared.


3 Classification of Presentation

Classification of presentation is reviewed every year. Since the error of the classification of presentation is a great deal of trouble in the management of program, please check the classification.
Click here to check classification of this year.


4 Preliminary Draft

4.1 Submit Period

January 3rd - 14th, 2020
If preliminary draft will not be submitted by deadline, presentation will be canceled.

4.2 How to Submit

Create your preliminary draft in PDF file and submit from web site of Annual Meeting(https://nenkai.csj.jp/Login/
No editing of preliminary draft is permitted after deadline.

4.3 How to Create

Create a PDF with using template. Presentation information - title of presentation, research institution, researcher, keywords and main contents - must be set in preliminary draft. Click here to check more information.


5 Collection of Papers

5.1 Publish Date

Scheduled on March 5th, 2020.

5.2 Media of Collection of Papers

Media Note
DVD Included in participation fees, except for Pre-Registration Student.
WEB Only those who have registered and paid within the period can use WEB Program.
USB The content is the same as that of DVD. USB can be ordered at Pre-registration. DVD included in participation fees can be changed to USB by paying +1,500 JPY.