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Chemistry Letters
English language, monthly, 1,600 pages/650 papers for 2001

Chemistry Letters is a monthly publication of The Chemical Society of Japan that covers a wide range of chemical research. Chemistry Letters features a particularly short submission-to-publication time; in fact, over 50% of articles are published within 60 days of submission. In each issue, a convenient "Highlight Review" section concisely presents the latest research developments of internationally renowned scientists. Access to the online edition is free to all print subscribers, and since the website includes an "Advance View" section for articles published on a rolling basis, readers can view these articles even before they are available in the printed version. All downloadable articles, even those in the "Advance View" section, include page numbers and all other citation information, so researchers can cite these articles in their own work immediately. The Editor-in-Chief of Chemistry Letters is Mitsuhiko Shionoya, The University of Tokyo.

2014 Subscription Rates
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History of Chemistry Letters
The journal titled Chemistry Letters was founded in 1972 for the rapid distribution of important research results. Initially, articles up to 6 pages in English, Japanese, German, or French were accepted. The size of articles was reduced to 4 pages in 1977 and to 2 pages in 1995, when a two-column style was adopted. The language was limited to English in 1987. This journal currently has a monthly circulation of about 43,200 copies. Most of the accepted papers are published within 3 months. To facilitate easier access to readers all over the world, a web version became available in 2001. This was linked to Chemical Abstract at the beginning of 2002. The digitalization of past issues is now in progress. Issues published since 1998 are already in electronic form. To further reduce the time required from submission to publication, the "Advance View" system was introduced in the beginning of 2003, where electronic versions can easily be printed. Since the digital journal delivery service began, the number of visits from foreign countries has exceeded that from inside Japan. This is in marked contrast with the circulation of the paper version of the Journal.

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