Editing method for your information.

Follow the procedure below to edit your name or address, or if you want to change your password.

STEP1. Meeting's MYPAGE Top

Jump to "Edit Your Information" by clicking "Edit" at "Your Information" in Meeting's MYPAGE Top.


STEP2. Edit your information

Click "Confirm Information Entered" after you have edited the information you need to change.

Enter the password only if you need to change them. Click here to check how to change the password.

If you have chosen your office as your address for documents, DO NOT enter the contracted name. Click here for more information.


STEP3. Confirm

Click "Complete Registration" after you have confirmed the information you have entered.


STEP4. Complete

Your information have been successfully registered.


Note of Caution

To change the password.

A form will appear by clicking "Change the Password."

Click "Confirm" after you have entered your current password and new password. Confirm the information and click "Complete Registration. "

You will receive an e-mail titled "New Password Confirmation."

About where to deliver.

Program and attendance certificate will be sent to the address. Cautions are as follows.

A) Students who have chosen "Institution" for their address for documents, don't forget to write the laboratory name. If there is a Delivery box, don't forget to write the box No. also.
ex) #***, Chemistry laboratory, Faculty of Science and Technology, Japan Chemical University

B) If you are moving until then, set the address is used for correspondence.