Preparation of Conducting Polymer Patterns Using Photochemical
Reaction of Oxidation Polymerization Agents

Yasushi OHNISHI*, Tsutomu NARUSE, Shoji YOSHIMOTO, Kazuyuki KIMURA and Yukihiro NATSUME

Institute of Industrial Research, Aichi Prefectural Government; Nishishinwari, Hitotsugi-cho,
Kariya-shi 448-0003 Japan
R & D Department, Aica Kogyo Co., Ltd.; 24, Fukami, Kamikayazu, Jimokuji-cho, Ama-gun,
Aichi 490-1112 Japan

Preparation of conducting polymer patterns using the photochemical oxidizing ability changes of an oxidation polymerization agent has been investigated. Photoreactive metal salts such as iron(III) chloride were used for oxidation polymerization of conducting polymers such as polypyrrole. Metal salts were reduced by exposing to ultra-violet(UV) light and missed the ability of oxidation polymerization. Therefore, conducting polypyrrole patterns have been prepared on the unirradiated part by exposing films containing iron(III) chloride to UV light through the pattern mask and then contacting with pyrrole vapor or dipping in pyrrole solution.
By this method, large and fine conducting polymer patterns can easily be prepared on plastics, ceramics, papers, clothes, woods, etc. In addition, it may be able to prepare patterns with partially different conductivity by controlling the irradiation time of UV light and/or shades of the pattern masks.

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