Highly Sensitive Biosensors Based on Oxidase-Amplified Reaction Induced by Reducing Agents

Yasushi HASEBE* and Shunichi UCHIYAMA

Department of Applied Chemistry, Saitama Institute of Technology; 1690 Fusaiji, Okabe, Saitama369-0293Japan

The combinations of some oxidases and appropriate reducing agents lead to effective substrates regeneration cycles via enzymatically oxidized products and/or enzymatic intermediate complex accompanied by amplified change in enzymatic oxygen consumption. These chemically amplified reactions were extremely useful for enhancement of output signal of oxygen-detection type of enzyme sensors for highly sensitive detection of not only substrates but also enzymatic inhibitors and cell population. Furthermore, novel oxidase-mimic reaction, in which reducing agents are oxidized by dissolved oxygen, catalyzed by metal-proteins, poly(amino acid)/metal complex and DNA/metal complex could be applied for highly sensitive biosensors for exogenous ligands and DNA-binding drugs.

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