Synthesis of Cross-Linked Starch with Acrylic Acid

Kazuo OGAWA*,†, Choichiro SHIMASAKI, Toshiaki YOSHIMURA, Shin ONO, and Isao YAMAZAKI††

Department of System Engineering of Materials and Life Science, Faculty of Engineering, Toyama University; Gofuku 3190, Toyama-shi 930-8555 Japan
Present address: Department of Materials Science, Yonago National College of Technology, 4448 Hikona-cho, Yonago-shi 683-8502 Japan
†† Present address: Yayoikagaku Kogyo Co., Ltd.; Honryo 70, Fukuoka-machi, Toyama 939-0135 Japan

Starch acrylate was synthesized with waxy corn starch consisting of amylopectin, and application of starch was examined by cross-linking reaction of starch acrylate. In the preparation of highly substituted starch acrylate, it was better to conduct acryloylation of starch with acrylic anhydride in pyridine. Cross-linking reaction by polymerization of the highly substituted starch acrylate did not give desired polymer due to steric hindrance of the branched structure in waxy corn starch. However, copolymerization of the highly substituted starch acrylate with acrylic acid produced the desired copolymer. Because the cross-linking moiety in the copolymer was suggested to be composed of polyacrylic acid with low molecular weight, the copolymer may be useful as a law material for biodegradable polymer. On the other hand, such useful cross-linked material was not obtained by copolymerization of the low substituted starch acrylate with acrylic acid.

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