Development of the New Inflator for the Driver Side Automobile Airbag

Masaaki ICHINO, Takushi YOKOYAMA, Shingo ODA* and Yasunori IWAI

Harima Plant, Daicel Chemical Industries, Ltd.; 805, Umaba, Ibogawa, Ibo, Hyogo 671-1681 Japan
Tokyo Office, Daicel Chemical Industries, Ltd.; 3-2-5, Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-6077 Japan

New non-azide gas generant having progressive gas output enables the new driver side inflator. The inflator has the advantages of non-toxic gas generant, small size and light weight, low risk for driver injuries and low cost.
The gas generant is composed of a guanidine compound as the fuel, a metal nitrate as oxidizer, the inorganic additive and the binder. All the ingredients of the gas generant have larger LD50 than 1000 mg/kg to decrease the risk of environmental pollution. The inorganic additive rapidly reacts with the residue generated from the oxidizer to simplify the inflator structure (small size and light weight) and to decrease the airborne particulates. The propellant is formed as cylindrical shape by extrusion process. The progressive gas output is available by controlling diameter and length of the propellant particle. The inflator also has the property of progressive gas output. This property enables to lower the injury risk and to improve the restrain performance. These advantages are well accepted in the market to reach the annual production of three million units, and still growing.

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