Benzylation of Benzyl Alcohol on Layered Double Hydroxides

Hiroshi SHIMADA* and Takashi SASANOMA

Department of Chemistry, School of Science, Tokai University; 1117 Kitakaname, Hiratsuka-shi 259-1292 Japan

The effectiveness of Li+-Al3+ and Mg2+-Al3+ layered double hydroxide (LDH) intercalated with CO32− or Cl as a reaction media for benzylation of benzyl alcohol with benzyl bromide in toluene was examined. Among a series of LDHs, Li+-Al3+ LDH was found to be effective. For instance, a reaction in the presence of Li+-Al3+-CO32− heat-treated at 200 °C gave the desired benzylated products in 93% yield by refluxing for 6 h. Also, Li+-Al3+-Cl heat- treated at 150 °C gave the benzylated product in 78% yield for same conditions. In the case of Mg2+-Al3+ LDH, it is found that it possessed less activity, showing reduced yields 34% for containing CO32− and 2--6% for containing Cl respectively.

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