Development of Liquid Crystal Materials for TFT-LCDs

Yasuyuki GOTOH, Masakazu TSUJI††, Sigeru SUGIMORI††† and Hideo SAITO*

Specialty Chemicals Research Center, Chisso Petrochemical Corporation; 5-1 Goikaigan, Ichihara-shi 290-8551 Japan
Chisso Corporation Minamata Factory Lixon Plant; 1-1,Noguchi-cho, Minamata-shi 867-0053 Japan
†† Osaka Office Silicon Division, Chisso Corporation; Dai Bldg., 3-6-32, Nakanoshima, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-0005 Japan
††† Department of Industrial Chemistry, Toyama National College of Technology; 13, Hongo-cho, Toyama-shi 939-8045 Japan

Liquid Crystal Displays(LCDs) have been developed because of their features: low power consumption and flat plate.
They have been widely employed in enterprises, homes and open air, all the better for such features. Potable notebook type of personal computers(PC) have been expanding in proportion to a development of large scale LCD panels. Especially, TFT-LCDs have been so remarkably improved in their image quality as flat panel display that they have already been employed for monitor display in PCs.
Chemical compounds of fluorinated derivatives are the most suitable and indispensable materials for TFT-LCD. It is Chisso Corporation that firstly developed the liquid crystal materials of fluorinated derivatives and that successfully established the manufacturing methods in the world.
In this paper, we are reporting a development process and introducing the properties of fluorinated materials. Furthermore, we are reporting the subjects that are needed for LCDs' future and introducing the present developing situation.

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