Correlation Analyses between the Mobilities on Paper Electrophoresis of Alkysubstituted Phosphonium Ions ( RR3P{)

Kei MAKITA, Takeshi OKUYAMA, Fumio ANDO, Yoshihiko NINOMIYA and Jugo KOKETSU*

Department of Applied Chemistry, College of Engineering, Chubu University; 1200 Matsumoto, Kasugai-shi 487-8501 Japan

To make use for separation and qualitative analysis of phosphonium ions, paper electrophoresis method was applied to the analysis of 40 kinds of phosphonium ions ( RR3P+) obtained from the reactions of trimethyl-, triethyl-, tributyl- and triphenylphosphine (R3P) with methyl-, ethyl-, propyl-, butyl-, benzyl-, acetylmethyl-, benzoylmethyl-, methoxycarbonylmethyl-, ethoxycarbonylmethyl- and cyanomethyl halides (RX). Good correlations were found between the average mobilities and the molecular structural parameters such as molecular weights, molecular volumes, and molecular surface areasD The slopes for the regression line between the average mobilities of each phosphonium ion and the structural parameters tend to increase with the increase of the pH of the buffer solution used. It was proved that this behavior serve to differentiate and analyze the phosphonium ions according to the substituents on the phosphonium ions.

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