Determination of Chlorophenol Derivatives Using the Homogeneous Liquid-liquid Extraction in Ternary Component System-GC/MS Method

Yoshitaka TAKAGAI, Chiaki MAEKOYA and Shukuro IGARASHI*

Department of Materials Science, Faculty of Engineering, Ibaraki University; Nakanarusawa 4-12-1, Hitachi-shi 316-8511 Japan
HITACHI Kyowa Engineering, Co., LTD.; Benten 3-10-2, Hitachi-shi 317-0072 Japan

The simple pretreatment−GC/MS method for chlorophenol (CP) derivatives was developed using the homogeneous liquid−liquid extraction in water/pyridine/ethyl chloroacetate ternary component system. The proposed method was performed all process of pretreatment within 15 minutes. The determination limits (S/N=3) of each CP derivative were the range of 0.2--2.1μgL−1 in the volume ratio 1000 (i.e. water phase: 50 mL→organic phase: 50 μL). Ten kinds of CP derivative were completely separated and were able to determine except 2,5CP and 2,6CP.

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