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Publications Other than Journals

The Chemical Society of Japan

The CSJ publishes a large number of books on various chemically related topics, as can be seen in the photograph, in cooperation with such commercial publishers as Maruzen, Japan Scientific Societies Press, Dainippon-tosho, Kagaku Dojin, Tokyo Kagaku Dojin, and Asakura-shoten. This provides valuable information for professional chemists, scientists in need of chemical knowledge, students, and the public. Representative examples are listed below.

Kagoubutu Meimei-ho (Chemical Nomenclature)
Kagaku Binran (Handbook of Chemistry), Basic 4th Ed.; Applied 5th Ed.
Jikken Kagaku Guide Book (Experimental Chemistry Guide Book)
Hyojun Kagaku Yogo Jiten (Standard Dictionary of Chemical Terms)
Jikken Kagaku Koza (Courses in Experimental Chemistry, 4th Ed.)
Kagakujikken no Anzenshishin (Safety Guide for Chemical Experiments, 4th Ed.)
Bosai Shishin (Loss Prevention Guide)
Kagaku Bosai Shishin Shusei (Collective Loss Prevention Guide)
Mijikana Kagku Jikken (Familiar Chemical Experiments for Students/Teachers)
Kagaku no Shinsekai (New World of Chemistry)
Kagaku no Genten (Classics in Chemistry)
Kikan Kagaku Sosetsu (Quarterly Review of Chemistry)
Shin Kiso Kagaku Series (New Series in Basic Chemistry)
Shin Sangyo Kagaku Series (New Series in Industrial Chemistry)
Shin Kagaku Library Series (New Chemical Library Series)
Ichiokunin no Kagaku Series (Chemistry for 100 Million People)
Gakujutsu Yogoshu---Kagakuhen (Glossary of Scientific Terms: Chemistry)
Mijikana Gensho no Kagaku (Chemistry of Familiar Phenomena)
Kyoshi to Gakusei no tameno Kagaku Jikken (Chemical Experiments for Teachers and Students)
Tanoshii Kagaku no Jikkenshitu (Fun Chemical Experiments)
Colloid Kagaku (Colloid Science)
Dioxin to Kankyo Hormone (Dioxin and "Environmental Hormone")
Kagakusha no tameno Kiso Koza (Basic Courses for Chemists)
Sentan Zairyo no tameno Shin Kagaku (New Chemistry for Advanced Materials)
Mijikana Chikyu Kankyo Mondai-- Sanseiu-wo Kangaeru (Familiar Global Issues: Acid Rain)


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