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Major Chemistry Exhibition

The Chemical Society of Japan

The CSJ Headquarters plans and conducts large-scale Chemistry Expositions (Kagaku-ten) once about every 10 years in Tokyo. The latest, which was held for about a week in August 2001 at the Takashimaya Department Store, attracted 22,300 visitors.
The total expenditure of 62 million yen was covered by donations from chemical industries, individual CSJ members and the sponsorship of the "Chemistry Makes Our Dreams Come True" project, which is supported mainly by the Japan Association of Chemical Industries in conjunction with four chemistry-related organizations including the CSJ.

The exhibition floor of ca. 1,000 m² was partitioned into the following five zones, a variety of displays, advanced instruments, demonstration experiments, and industrial products were arranged, and in several "experimental labs." The attendees , mainly schoolchildren, were invited to engage in chemical experiments.
Welcome to the World of Chemistry
The Irreplaceable Earth: Life, Environment, and Energy
Play-land of Joyful Chemistry
Mini-lab of Chemical Experiments
Chemistry Enriching Our Life in the 21st Century

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