(Upload July 6, 2005)

Membership Benefits

The Chemical Society of Japan

Individual Members
Although we do not publish any membership journals in English, members who do not understand Japanese still have following benefits.
(1) The ability to present an oral speech or a poster presentation at CSJ annual meetings.
(2) Participation in CSJ events at zero or low admission fee.
(3) Subscription to English Journals of CSJ at the membership price.
(4) The option to rent the hall and rooms of the "Chemistry Building" in Ochanomizu, Tokyo
(5) Discounted price for some hotels and books.

Corporate Members
We do not assume a direct reciprocal relation with corporate members. The support provided by corporate members will help CSJ to extend its activity to promote the development of chemistry and chemical technology and will benefit corporate members indirectly.
Corporate members will receive CSJ journals and can send their employees to CSJ annual meeting in accordance with their number of membership units.

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