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(Uploaded July 6, 2005)

The Chemical Society of Japan is Waiting for You!

The Chemical Society of Japan

" One of the salient missions of chemistry and chemical technology is the creation of innovative substances and materials that can tremendously improve our quality of life and share a substantial part of national and international economy- as has been realized. To fulfill such a mission, The Chemical Society of Japan has endeavored, and currently is attempting, to be a forum for scientist and engineers to exchange new ideas, foster promising research fields, and disseminate essential information and technology within and outside the researchers' circle. "

- Professor R. Noyori, Preface of The Chemical Society of Japan A 125-Year Quest for Excellence

Thus, a number of committees in CSJ are extending their activities for inter-academia exchange, industry-academia exchange, public understanding of chemistry, better education systems, solutions to environmental problems, gender equality and so on.

We heartily welcome your participation.

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