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Membership Journals and Invitation to Advertisement

The Chemical Society of Japan

"Kagaku-to Kogyou"(Chemistry and Chemical Industry)

Japanese language, monthly, 2,100 pages for 2001
The CCI is the medium by which CSJ members keep in touch with other members, and which provides information on all areas of mutual interest. It is "easy reading" for anybody who lacks expertise in areas outside his/her own research area.
The first issue of the CCI was a 28-page booklet published in 1948. Today approximately 35,000 copies are circulated to the CSJ members as well as to libraries in academia and industry.
The CCI provides accurate update information from the CSJ to its members and presents attractive, creative, and stimulating information related to chemical research, education, technology, and industry.
To accomplish this, we include the news, schedules, and programs of the Annual Meetings, and invitation notices and contents of international symposia, conferences, and workshops co-hosted or supported by the CSJ. Further, under the supervision of the editor-in-chief, the editorial committee of ca. 30 members compiles news, topics, and commentaries concerning academic achievements and chemical technology, and industry, education, and chemistry or science related social issues with help from its subgroups; the Topics and News Committees.
Our style in editing the articles (commentaries, topics, and news) of the CCI varies according to the demands of the times.
At present, our policy is to make the commentaries on the articles and information required by our members interesting and easy to read and understand. Most importantly, we publish these articles in a timely manner.
As an example of this, in 2001 we chose Green and Sustainable Chemistry as one of the topics of the CCI series with information and commentaries from various aspects. We are sure the information in CCI can help CSJ members engaged in chemistry to acquire present and future relevant perspectives of chemical research and the chemical industry.

"Kagaku-to Kyoiku"(Chemistry and Education)

Notice; Copyright of CSJ Journals

Japanese language, monthly, 850 pages for 2001
Kagaku to Kyoiku is the journal for the educational members and CSJ members concerned with chemical education. It is published monthly by the Council of Chemical Education. The volume in 2001 reached 850 pages, containing 167 articles invited by the Editorial Committee, 67 papers submitted by authors and peer-reviewed, together with information from the Council.
The invited papers fall into four categories; review articles of chemistry and chemical education (Headlines), papers introducing recent topics of chemistry related to our everyday life and industry (Radar), articles expounding the chemical phenomena and substances described in chemistry textbooks, and short articles summarizing the original procedures and techniques of experiments for high-school and middle-school classes. The editorial policies are linked to those of the Council, and the Editorial Committee assigns a part of the invited papers to those presenting the activities of the Council, e.g., High-School Chemistry Grand Prix and the Chemistry Week for school pupils.
In 2001, the Journal was delivered to Council members (2,000 copies) and regular members (625 copies) as well as to libraries of universities, colleges, and high schools (370 copies).
The titles, names of authors, and abstracts of all papers are available as CD-ROM files, and they have been stored as PDF files in the editorial office since June 2002. See the website of this Journal (http://edu.chemistry.or.jp/chemedu/chemedu-index.html) for more information.

Invitation to Advertisement

You have already realized that CSJ's membership journals, particularly, "Kagaku-to Kogyou" is an excellent advertising tool of high selectivity, since ca. 35,000 copies are directly delivered to CSJ members and are also read by many more non-members related to chemistry at libraries of universities, institutes and companies.
So, if you have any proposals or products for Japanese chemists or chemical engineers, why not use our membership journals.
Fees for the advertisement in "Kagaku-to Kogyou" for one page are as follows.

Location 4 Colors 2 Colors Black
Back cover $4,300 - -
Backside of cover $3,800 - -
Backside of Back cover $3,780 - -
Just after Table of Contents - $2,900 -
Front of Contents - $2,800 $1,940
Behind Contents - - $1,720
Insertion $3,780

We accept a half page advertisement at a half of the prices listed above except for insertions.

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