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How to Visit Us.

The Chemical Society of Japan

Office Address:
Kagaku-Kaikan (Chemistry Hall)
1-5 Kanda-Surugadai Chiyoda-ku Tokyo

If coming by taxi, it is better to instruct the driver to go to "Yamano-ue Hotel" (Hill-top Hotel) instead of "Kagaku-Kaikan"(Chemistry Hall), since it is a well known landmark among taxi drivers and is less than a 1 minute walk to the Chemistry Hall.
In the map the Chemistry Hall is shown by blue marks and "Yamano-ue Hotel" is shown by purple marks.

Train or Subway
Ochanomizu Station
JR Sobu Line
JR Chuo Line

Ochanomizu Station
Marunouchi Line
Shin-Ochanomizu Station
Chiyoda Line
Jimbocho Station
Mita Line
Hanzomon Line
Shinjuku Line

In the map the train station is shown by orange mark and the subway station exits are by green marks.
When you get off subway, look for exit numbers before exiting the ticket gates, otherwise you might find yourself in a place quite different from expected.

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