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Minakata-Avogadro Lectureship

The Chemical Society of Japan

The Minakata-Avogadro Lectureship is a bilateral agreement that was reached in 1994 with the Italian Chemical Society. It was named after the Japanese naturalist Kumagusu Minakara (1867-1941) and the famous Italian scientist Amedeo Avogadro (1776-1856). A prominent chemist is reciprocally invited every year or every other year to present seminars and to exchange information. Below is the list of exchange chemists to date.

1995 Eishun Tsuchida (Waseda University), seminars in Italy
1996 Riccardo d' Agostino (University of Bari), 4 seminars in Japan
1997 Akio Yamamoto (Waseda University), seminars in Italy
1999 Alessandro Dondoni (University of Ferrara), 6 seminars in Japan
2003 Shun-ichi Murahashi (Okayama Science University)

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