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Gender Equality Committee

The Chemical Society of Japan

The Gender Equality Committee of The Chemical Society of Japan was established in September of 2002. The Committee aims to help make a gender equal society a reality in the field of chemistry and engineering. The realization of a research environment where men and women can play significant roles by displaying their individuality and regardless of their sex is desired.

The Chemical Society of Japan is one of the three founding societies of "Japan Inter-Society Liaison Association for the Promotion of Gender Equality in Science and Engineering" (JISGESE), consisting of 21 associations of natural science and 16 observers. The JISGESE expands our activities and enhances information exchange. Naturally, the Gender Equality Committee of The Chemical Society of Japan is one of the leading members of the JISGESE.

1.Recent Activity
The committee recommended the board of directors of CSJ to increase the ratio of women members both on the board and committees in CSJ up to 20% before 2010. Upon this recommendation, each committee become more concerned with inviting women members, and only a few committees remained mono-sexual in 2003.

The symposium for the 1st Anniversary of JISGESE was held at The Chemical Society of Japan on October 7th, 2003. The symposium consisted of 2 plenary lectures, panel discussions, 3 workshops and posters of each association. About 150 people joined the symposium, and productive discussions commenced. A musical concert was performed by a member of the Chemical Society of Japan at the banquet, which contributed to an amicable conversation among the attendants.
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The 4th Symposium of the Gender Equal Committee

Theme: The Progress of Science and Gender Equality
Date: March 27th (Sat.), 2004 13:30 - 17:40
Place: Kwansei Gakuin University
Plenary Lectures:
"Outstanding Women Scientists" Michiko Go (Nagahama Bio. Univ.)
"Expectation to Gender Equal Society" Takeru Onoda (Nihon Univ.)
Panel Discussion:
"Gender Equality in Tokyo University" Hirosi Nishihara (Tokyo Univ.)
"Gender Equality in History of Science" Mariko Ogawa (Mie Univ. )
"Expectations of Women Scientists"Yasuyoshi Tanaka (Mainichi Newspaper)
"Dashing Researchers" Maki Kawai (Riken )

Any ideas or requests for activities of the Gender Equal Committee are welcome.

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