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This page has links to web pages outside the CSJ which will provide you with various information related to Environment, Health and Safety.

1.Green Sustanable Chemistry Network

    In 2000, the Japan Chemical Innovation Institute (JCII) launched the "Green Sustainable Chemistry Network (GSCN). In this network, the CSJ cooperates with the Society of Polymer Science, Japan, the Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan, and the Bio-Industry Association in organizing discussions on the environment and environmental education, arranging a workshop (October 2001), and recommending judges for the GSC Awards.

    The First International Conference on Green & Sustainable Chemistry (GSC Tokyo 2003) was held at Waseda University in March 2003. It was a continuation of the 1st and 2nd International GSC Symposia held in Japan. This Conference, cosponsored by twelve chemistry-related institutions, aimed at promoting the activities of Green & Sustainable Chemistry .

Home Page of the Green Sustainable Chemistry Network

2.Japanese EHS Laws and Regulations

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