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English, monthly, 2,800 pages/320 papers for 2001
The Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan (BCSJ), originated in 1926, publishes original papers in English. It was the sole foreign language journal of the CSJ until the advent of Chemistry Letters for rapid communication in 1972, when the BCSJ (Vol. 45) contained 670 Articles, 194 Notes, and 124 Communications. In 1993, a full-text database system was established with the support of a Grant-in-Aid from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.
A major change in the BCSJ occurred in 1995, when Notes were discontinued and replaced with Short Articles, Accounts, and Headline Articles. Furthermore, the cover of the Journal was redesigned and an Advisory Board consisting of 18 distinguished foreign and domestic chemists was established. The revisions greatly improved the quality of the BCSJ, although the number of submitted papers decreased somewhat. To provide a strong incentive to those who submit papers to the BCSJ, the Editorial Committee started selecting the Best Article of the Month, and the corresponding graphical abstract relevant to the Article began to be reproduced on the cover page of that issue. Thanks to these efforts, the Impact Factor of the BCSJ has been increasing in recent years; 1.34 in 1997, 1.34 in 1998, 1.52 in 1999, and 1.83 in 2000.
Some statistics of the BCSJ for 2001 (Vol.74) are: number of issues 12, circulation 37,200 (including ca. 1,500 distributed to more than 60 countries), total pages 2,520, number of papers 315 (Accounts 20, Headline Articles 12, Short Articles 42).
A web version of the BCSJ became accessible via ChemPort using the server of J-Stage in January 2002. There have been a large number of visits to the BCSJ website, particularly from foreign countries. This indicates that web publishing will raise the Impact Factor considerably in the near future. An electronic submission and reviewing system will started in 2003.
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