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Annual Meetings of CSJ

The Chemical Society of Japan

The Spring Meetings are held every year at the end of March, which is the end of the academic/fiscal year in Japan. Over a three year period, these meetings are held twice in the Tokyo area and once in the Osaka area. The presentations at these meetings address approximately 30 scientific fields.The Meetings consist of general presentations, lectures planned by the Organizing Committee, open-to-the-public seminars, special events designed by members, awardees lectures for various CSJ awards, and satellite symposia organized by Subcommittees. These meetings attract more than 8,000 participants each year, and are among the largest scientific meetings in Japan. The number of venues can exceed 50. Large universities in and around Tokyo and Osaka provide the necessary facilities.
The Fall Meetings were held in September/October except for the years when the Pacifichem conferences was scheduled. They were organized as joint meetings of the Japanese Chemical Societies Council and Divisions of the CSJ. Each of the 7 CSJ Branches hosted the Meetings in turn. The Fall Meetings were organized to address about 20 topics, with presentations and Division/Branch symposia invited to fit these topics.
The Board of Directors decided to discontinue the Fall Meetings after the 82nd, and instead support regional fall meetings by suggesting strategically important issues and measures for promoting research and development.

79th Spring Meeting
28-31 March 2001, Konan University
5,612 presentations; 8,446 participantsn
[Special Event] Nobel prize commemorative lecture by Prof. Hideki Shirakawa

80th Fall Meeting
20-23 September 2001, Chiba University
1,421 presentations; 2,296 participants

81st Spring Meeting
26-29 March 2002, Waseda University
5,678 presentations; 8,270 participants
[Special Event] Nobel prize commemorative lecture by Prof. Ryoji Noyori

82nd Fall Meeting
25-28 September 2002, Osaka University
1,491 presentations; 2,098 participants

83rd Spring Meeting
18-23 March 2003, Waseda University
5,729 presentations; 8,403 participants
[Special Event] "125th Anniverary of CSJ", Nobel prize commemorative lecture by Mr. Koichi Tanaka
[New Trial] "B Presentation" for doctorate course students or higher, Student Award

84th Spring Meeting
26-29 March 2004, Kwansei Gakuin University
Chairperson of the executive committee Prof. Kano (Doshisha Univ.)
5,600 presentations; 8,091 participants

85th Spring Meeting
26-29 March 2005, Kanagawa University
Chairperson of the executive committee Prof. Inoue (Tokyo Metropolitan Univ.)
6,171 presentations; 9,150 participants
[Special Event] "German Year in Japan" Program
[New Trial] "Advanced Technology Program" for industrial application of chemistry

86th Spring Meeting (Planning)
27-30 March 2006, Nihon University
Chairperson of the executive committee Prof. Ikeda (Tokyo Inititute of Technology.)

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