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Recipients of the CSJ Award (2013–2000)
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Takeshi AKASAKA (Life Science Center of Tsukuba Advanced Research Alliance, University of Tsukuba): » Achievement
Creation of Highly Elaborated π-Space with Novel Nanocarbon Material and Extending Its Functionality
Noritaka MIZUNO (Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo) : » Achievement
Development of Highly Efficient Catalysts Based on Molecular Metal Oxide Clusters
Hiroyuki NISHIDE (Faculty of Science and Engineering, Waseda University) : » Achievement
Synthesis of Organic Radical Polymers and Development of Their Functionalities
Shigeyoshi SAKAKI (Fukui Institute for Fundamental Chemistry, Kyoto University) : » Achievement
Theoretical and Computational Study of Geometries and Reactions of Complex Systems Consisting of Transition Metal Element
Kazuhiko TAKAI (Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology, Okayama University) : » Achievement
Development of Novel Synthetic Organic Reactions by the Use of Group 4-7 Metals

Makoto FUJITA(Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo): » Achievement
Self-assembly Control of the Structure of Matter on the Nanoscale
Hideo HOSONO(Frontier Research Center, Tokyo Institute of Technology): » Achievement
Discovery of Iron-based Superconductors and Invention of High Performance Oxide Thin Film Transistors
Hideaki KOIZUMI (Dr. Sc. Fellow (Corporate Officer), Hitachi, Ltd.): » Achievement
Creation of New Methods for Measurement and Their Applications
Shigeru NAGASE(Institute for Molecular Science): » Achievement
Theory and Computation for Constructing Molecules Characteristic of Heavier Elements and Nanostructures
Masahiro WATANABE(Fuel Cell Nanomaterials Center University of Yamanashi ): » Achievement
Development of Advanced Materials for Fuel Cells Based on New Concepts
Jun-ichi YOSHIDA(Division of Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Kyoto University): » Achievement
Studies on Organic Synthesis Based on Reaction Integration Using Reactive Intermediates

Akira HARADA(Osaka University): » Achievement
Creation of Functional Supramolecular Polymers through Molecular Recognition
Kazuhito HASHIMOTO(The University of Tokyo): » Achievement
Studies on Energy and Environmental Chemistry Based on Photochemistry
Takayoshi KOBAYASHI(The University of Electro-Communications): » Achievement
Development of Ultrafast Spectroscopy and Reaction Studied by the Observation of Ultrashort-life Species and Transition States
Keiko NISHIKAWA (Chiba University): » Achievement
Pioneering and Developing Studies on Structural Chemistry Based on Fluctuations
Akira SEKIGUCHI(University of Tsukuba): » Achievement
Chemistry of Low-Coordinate Organosilicon and Heavier Group 14 Element Compounds
Hiroharu SUZUKI(Tokyo Institute of Technology): » Achievement
Reaction Chemistry of Transition Metal Polyhydride Clusters

Saburo AIMOTO(Osaka Univ.): » Achievement
Development of a Method for Protein Synthesis Using Peptide Thioesters as Building Blocks
Toshiaki ENOKI(Tokyo Inst. of Tech.): » Achievement
Edge state of Nanographene and its Electronic and Magnetic Properties
Makoto KOMIYAMA(Univ. of Tokyo): » Achievement
Genome Manipulation and Engineering via Chemical Tools
Mitsuo SEKINE(Tokyo Inst. of Tech.): » Achievement
Synthesis of Bio-related Nucleic Acid Derivatives
Kenso SOAI (Tokyo Univ. of Sci.): » Achievement
Research of the Origins of Chirality and Homochirality of Chiral Organic Compounds
Kazunari DOMEN(Univ. of Tokyo): » Achievement
Development of photocatalysts for overall water splitting

Takao IKARIYA(Tokyo Inst. of Tech.): » Achievement
Development of Bifunctional Molecular Catalysis Based on Metal-Ligand Cooperation Effects
Tomiki IKEDA(Tokyo Inst. of Tech.): » Achievement
Creation of New Photofunctional Materials Based on Cooperative Effects
Masatake HARUTA(Tokyo Metropolitan Univ.): » Achievement
Novel Catalysis by Gold Nanoparticles
Atsuhiro OSUKAiKyoto Univ.): » Achievement
Exploration and Development of Novel Porphyrinoids with Intriguing Structural and Electronic Properties
Hisanori SHINOHARA(Nagoya Univ.): » Achievement
Fabrication and Characterization of Metallofullerenes and Nano-Peapods
Kohei Uosaki (Hokkaido@Univ.): » Achievement
In situ Nanoscale Structural Determination and Construction of Functional Phases at Solid/Liquid Interfaces

Takuzo AIDA (Univ. of Tokyo): » Achievement
Tailoring Nanoscale Functions through Precision Control of Molecular Interactions
Maki KAWAI (Univ. of Tokyo): » Achievement
Vibration and Reaction Dynamics of Single Molecules at Surfaces
Hideki KANBARA (Hitachi Corp.): » Achievement
Development of Capillary Array DNA Sequencer for Genome Analysis
Susumu KITAGAWA (Kyoto Univ.): » Achievement
Pioneering and Developing Studies on Chemistry of Cordination Space
Keisuke SUZUKI (Tokyo Inst. of Tech.): » Achievement
Studies on Efficient Strategies for Constructing Complex Organic Molecules
Hiroo HAMAGUCHI (Univ. of Tokyo): » Achievement
Development of New Time- and Space-resolved Vibrational Spectroscopy and Cultivation of New Frontiers of Physical Chemistry

Iwao OHMINE (Nagoya Univ.): » Achievement
Water Dynamic: Fluctuation, Phase Transiition and Reaction
Tamejiro HIYAMA (Kyoto Univ.): » Achievement
Selective Organic Synthesis through Generation and Reactivity Control of Hyper-Coordinate Metal Species
Shigeru TERABE (Hyogo Univ., Emeritus): » Achievement
Fundamental Study on Micellar Electrokinetic Chromatogrphy
Masatsune KAINOSHO (Tokyo Metropolitan Univ.): » Achievement
Developing Stable-isotope-aided NMR Technologies for Biological Systems
Tetsuo Tsutsui (Kyoto Univ.): » Achievement
Molecular Design Concept for Organic Semiconductor Devices
Norio MIYAURA (Hokkaido Univ.): » Achievement
Metal-catalyzed Bond-forming Reactions of Organoboronic Asids

Jun-ichi AIHARA (Shizuoka Univ.): » Achievement
Theoretical Elucidation of Aromaticity in Cyclic π-Conjugated Systems.
Yasuhiro AOYAMA (Kyoto Univ.): » Achievement
Manipulation of Structure and Function of Molecular Assemblies.
Koichiro OSHIMA (Kyoto Univ.): » Achievement
Highly Selective Synthetic Reactions by Means of Combined Use of Organometallic Reagents and Radical Species.
Takashi TATSUMI (Tokyo Inst. of Tech.): » Achievement
Synthesis and Catalytic Applications of Novel Zeolites and Mesoporous Materials.
Keiji MARUOKA (Kyoto Univ.): » Achievement
Design of Sophisticated Acid Base Catalysts and the Application to Organic Synthesis.
Kizashi YAMAGUCHI (Osaka Univ.): » Achievement
Theoretical Studies of Interplay of Spin- and Electron-Correlations and of Chemical Bonds: Development in Chemical Reaction Theory and Molecular Design.

Hayao KOBAYASHI (NINS): » Achievement
Studies on Magnetic Organic Superconductors and Single-Component Molecular Metals.
Koichi KOMATSU (Kyoto Univ.): » Achievement
Experimental Studies on Long-Sought Unique Structures and Properties in Carbonaceous π-Conjugated Systems.
Hiroshi MASUHARA (Osaka Univ.): » Achievement
Laser Nano Chemistry: Methodology and Molecular Nano Dynamics.
Kazuyuki TATSUMI (Nagoya Univ.): » Achievement
Molecular Architecture of Transition Metal Chalcogenides and Its Development into Bioinorganic Chemistry.
Daisuke UEMURA (Nagoya Univ.): » Achievement
Bioorganic Studies on Marine Natural Products.
Yoshio UMEZAWA (Univ. of Tokyo): » Achievement
Methods of Analysis for Imaging and Detecting Ions and Molecules.

Shunichi FUKUZUMI (Osaka Univ.): » Achievement
New Paradigm of Electron Transfer Chemistry and Applications.
Kimihiko HIRAO (Univ. Tokyo): » Achievement
Development of Molecular Theory in Quantum Chemistry.
Tadayuki IMANAKA (Kyoto Univ.): » Achievement
Elucidation of the Molecular Mechanisms involved in Adaptation of Thermophiles to High Temperature Environment.
Masahiro IRIE (Kyushu Univ.): » Achievement
Development of Photochromic Molecular Systems with Outstanding Performance.
Kingo ITAYA (Tohoku Univ.): » Achievement
Studies on Atomic and Molecular Processes of Electrochemical Surface Reactions.
Mitsuo KIRA (Tohoku Univ.): » Achievement
Creation of Novel Silicon Compounds with Unique Electronic Properties.

Yasuhiro Iwasawa (Univ. Tokyo): » Photo(jpg)
Studies of Active Structures and Dynamic Catalyses on Surfaces.
Tetsuya Osaka (Waseda Univ.): » Photo(jpg)
Creation of Highly Functionalized Materials with Advanced Electrochemical Processes.
Gunzi Saito (Kyoto Univ.): » Photo(jpg)
Development of Conducting Organic Molecular Assemblies.
Seiji Shinkai (Kyushu Univ.): » Photo(jpg)
Creation of Functional Supramolecular Systems on the Basis of Molecular Recognition.
Hiroshi Nakatsuji (Kyoto Univ.): » Photo(jpg)
Deepening of the Quantum Principles in Chemistry.
Masahiro Hirama (Tohoku Univ.): » Photo(jpg)
Chemical Studies Focused on the Total Syntheses of Ciguatoxins and Bioactive Natural Products.

Takeji HASHIMOTO (Kyoto Univ.):
Studies of Self-assembling Mechanisms and Processes in Multicomponent Molecular Systems.
Tamio HAYASHI (Kyoto Univ.):
Design of Chiral Transition Metal Catalysts and Development of New Catalytic Asymmetric Reactions.
Akira HOSOMI (Tsukuba Univ.):
Development of New Reagents of Silicon and Related Metals and Application to the Practical Organic Synthesis.
Eiichi NAKAMURA (Univ. Tokyo):
Studies on Carbon-Carbon Bond Forming Reactions for Creation of Functional Molecules.
Kimitsuna WATANABE (Univ. Tokyo):
Studies on the Functional Structure of tRNA in the Translation Systems of an Extreme Thermophile and Mitochondria.

Yuji OHASHI (Tokyo Inst. Technol.):
Studies on Reaction Mechanism of Molecular Solids Based on Time-resolved X-ray Analysis of Crystalline-state Reaction.
Tsutomu KATSUKI (Kyushu Univ.):
Exploitation of Metal-catalyzed Asymmetric Reactions.
Teizo KITAGAWA (Okazaki Nat'l. Res. Inst.):
Elucidation of Structures and Dynamics of Heme Proteins by Time-resolved Resonance Raman Spectroscopy.
Isao SAITO (Kyoto Univ.):
Bioorganic Studies on DNA and Design of DNA-targeting Molecules.
Shigetoshi TAKAHASHI (Osaka Univ.):
Studies of Functionality of Organometallic Compounds of Group 10 Transition Metals.
Makoto MISONO (Kogakuin Univ.):
Catalyst Design Based on Well-defined Mixed Oxides.

Hiroshi OGINO (Tohoku Univ.):
Synthesis and Reactivity of Novel Transition Metal Complexes Containing Transition Metal-Typical Element Bonds
Koji KAYA (Inst. Mol. Sci.):
Creation and Development of Cluster-Chemistry-Composite Effects in Binary Components
Koji KOSUGE (Kyoto Univ.):
Solid State Chemistry on Non-stoichiometric Compound with Metallic Conductivity - Establishment of Accurate Control Method of Non-stoichiometry and Its Application to Preparation of Novel Compounds
Shiro KOBAYASHI (Kyoto Univ.):
Development of Novel Precision Polymerizations and Their Applications to Creation of Polymer Materials
Kuniaki TATSUTA (Waseda Univ.):
Practical Total Synthesis of Bioactive Natural Products and Clarification of Their Mode of Action
Isao MORISHIMA (Kyoto Univ.):
Molecular Engineering Studies on the Functional Regulation of Homoproteins

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