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The 4th China-Japan Young Chemists Forum was held
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The 4th China-Japan Young Chemists Forum was held on August 5th during the 29th Annual Meeting of the Chinese Chemical Society held from August 4th to 7th at Beijing University.

The Chinese Chemical Society and the Chemical Society of Japan signed an International Cooperation Agreement in March, 2009. Based upon the agreement, both societies started the China-Japan Young Chemists Forum from 2010.

It is expected that young chemists from both countries understand each other and create a personal relationship of confidence through high level science discussions under a specific theme set at each forum. We provide a common networking place for those from the two countries for the future.

The theme of this year is molecular imaging, and nine researchers from Japan and ten researchers from China participated in lectures and a question-answer session. The leader from Japan was Associate Prof. Kenjiro Hanaoka (University of Tokyo), and the Leader from China was Prof.Yanyi Huang (Peking Univ.)

Prof. Yoshiki Chujo (CSJ Vice president and Kyoto Univ. professor), Nobuyuki Kawashima (Executive Director of CSJ), and Yuji Ozeki (Executive staff of the CSJ president), Dr. Sadayuki Sakakibara,(Toray Industries, Inc.) were invited to attend the annual meeting by the Chinese Chemical Society. They participated in the opening ceremony, a leadership forum in which representatives of foreign chemical societies and industries gave a talk, and a CCS-CSJ top-level meeting.

From right, The leader from japan: Associate Prof. Kenjiro Hanaoka (University of Tokyo) and the leader from China: Prof. Yanyi Huang (Peking University)

Leaders and Lecturers for the China-Japan Young Chemists Forum and participants from CSJ BOD

CCS-CSJ top-level meeting
From left at rear row
Yuji Ozeki (Executive staff of the CSJ president), Prof. Jincai Zhao (Beijing National Laboratory for Molecular Sciences Institute of Chemistry), Prof. Jin-Ming Lin (Tsinghua Univ.) and Shinichi Suzuki (CSJ)
From left at front row
Prof. Yoshiki Chujo (CSJ Vice President and Kyoto Univ. professor), Prof. Jiannian Yao (President of the CCS), and Nobuyuki Kawashima (Executive Director of the CSJ)

Participants of Leadership Forum

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