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Vol.65-03 Eiichi Negishi
H. C. Brown Distinguished Professor of Chemistry, Purdue University
d-Block transition metal catalysis in organic synthesis for a sustainable and prosperous world in the 21st century and beyond
Vol.65-02 Akihiko Miyamoto
Director, Chemicals Division, The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
And then there were chemical industry
Vol.65-01 Eiichi Nakamura
Professor, Graduate School of Science, The University of Tokyo
Element strategy: scientifi c research backed by a world and historical view
Vol.64-12 Kazuko Ogino
Professor Emeritus, College of Medical Sciences, Tohoku University
Itfs fun to study chemistry
Vol.64-11 Masahiro Irie
Specially Appointed Professor, Rikkyo University
Invitation to submit your papers to the Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan
Vol.64-10 Yoshimitsu Kobayashi
President & CEO, Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation
AChemistry and the KAITEKI
Vol.64-09 Satoshi Kawata
Professor, Osaka University and Chief Scientist, Riken
The venture spirit: A mindset and mechanism for permitting mistakes
Vol.64-08 Fumiko Yonezawa
Professor Emeritus, Keio University
A Proposal for downsizing
Vol.64-07 Norihiro Okada
Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology
What connects "synthetic organic chemistry" and "coelacanth"?
Vol.64-06 Kazuo Inamori
Founder and chairman Emeritus, Kyocera Corporation
Hold on to the noble philosophy that commands "technology of God"
Vol.64-05 Toshio Sato
Editor on chief of Scinece Window, JST
Let us humbly re-examine nature's power and science and technology
Vol.64-04 Kazunori Kataoka
Professor, Graduate School of Enineering/Medicine, The University of Tokyo
Medical Inovation through chemistry
Vol.64-03 Hidehito Obayashi
President and CEO, Hitachi High Technologies Corp.
The importance of BOP (Base of Pyramid) which supports Japan's capability of science and technology
Vol.64-02 Kenji Hirai
Vice-chairman and President, Sagami Chemical Research Institute
Aiming for a Chemistry Utopia
Vol.64-01 Masanori Murakami
Vice Chancellor, Ritsumeikan Trust
Globalization of Japanese manufacturing: Back to Spirit of Oumi Merchants
Vol.63-12 Keiko Nakamura
Director General, JT Biohistry Research Hall
Let's promote evolution-oriented chemistry with the shared character of "" as the key
Vol.63-11 Tisato Kajiyama
President, Japan Student Service Organization
To act independently or to rely on external pressure - Quality assurance for Ph.D.s -
Vol.63-10 Masako Sasaki
Porfessor Emeritus, Tokai University
Chemistry is for peace and happiness of all the people
Vol.63-09 Tadashi Watanabe
Professor, The University of Tokyo
A big step forward
Vol.63-08 JKazuhisa Kogo
President, Tokuyama Corporation
The origin lies in manufacuturing
Vol.63-07 Junko Kawamura
Director-General, Private Education Institution Department, Higher Education Bureau, MEXT
Willingness of research supporters
Vol.63-06 Katsuhiko Hayashi
Principal at the School of Science and Technology Journalists
Message from future generations
-Now is the time to establish a direction and a philosophy for science-
Vol.63-05 Sukekatsu Ushioda
Prsident, National Institute for Material Science
Stress, tenure, setsumei-sekinin
Vol.63-04 Isao Taniguchi
Prsident, Kumamoto University
Let us discuss the future of chemistry and our dreams for chemistry!
Vol.63-03 Yashuhiro Iwasawa
Prsident, The Chemical Society of Japan
Strengthening the chemical community in the era of mega-competition and mega-extinction
Vol.63-02 Kimihiko Hirao
Special Advisor, RIKEN
Social responsibility of scientists
Vol.63-01 Ken Hayashibara
President, Hayashibara Co, Ltd.
Starch chemistry and research & development
Vol.62-12 Takeshi Endo
Vice President, Kinki Univesity
A direction for industry-academia-government cllaborative research
Vol.62-11 Akio Yamamoto
Honorary Research Felloe, Waseda Univesity.
What CSJ should do and what only CSJ can do
Vol.62-10 Koji Oe
Chairman of the board, DIC Corporation.
From the galapagos effect to global markets; Expectation on corporate engineers
Vol.62-9 Fumio Isoda
Director-General, Research Promotion Bureau, MEXT
What "Do Science" means
Vol.62-8 Yoshiko Arikawa
President, Japan Women's Univesity
Toward an era when women will contribute to science and technology
Vol.62-7 Motoyuki Ono
President, Society for the Promotion of Science
Development of the university version of the "100 sacks of rice " scheme
Vol.62-6 Tetsuji Yanami
Director, Senior exective officer, Daicel Chemical Industries Ltd.
Chemical technology will revitalize the Japanese Echonomy
Vol.62-5 Kanji Shono
Fomer President, The Society of Chemical Engineering, Japan
Quest fo new paradigm in the new century
Vol.62-4 Sun-Ichi Murahashi
Professor of Okayama University of Science
Sustainable Technology(ST) - Innovative technology for establishing sustainable societyt
Vol.62-3 Mamoru Mohri
Director of the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation
Science communicatorst
Vol.62-2 Kenichi Honda
Ex-President of The Chemical Society of Japan
My aesthetics as a scientist
Vol.62-1 Yoshuyuki Kasai
Chairman, Central Japan Railway Company
It wii be the abolishment of the education curriculum itself that will create an educational revolution

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